Day 17

Hurry up Greasemonkey and make me an update!
Today, I spent time with my mentee doing algebra. Once she gets started, she really does it on her own. I hope I helped her right. It's been a long time since I've had to do absolute values and stuff.

What'd I look at on the web when I got home? (And Firefox still doesn't know how to spell with apostrophes. Although it does know "Firefox" now.)

Kelly mentioned the clean sweep assessment. I scored an 81. I scored highest on relationships and lowest on physical environment which I find disturbing after all the work I've put into this place. See here, here, and here for more info about the work I put into my environment. I lost points for not backing up my hard drive (I really should know better), not having vacuumed recently, and not making my bed with any regularity. (I'm just happy when I get the sheets cleaned regularly.) Maybe the "back up my hard drive" thing is the first one I should try to improve.

The story about the raid on the largest kosher meat packing plant in the US just keeps getting better. Seriously? I mean, I knew it was a problem in Iowa but really?

Just something I wanted to share because I'm a caver. Also, just so we're clear, Cavers rescue spelunkers See: Naming Issues.

Unhealthiest drinks in the US. How bad do you have to be when Coke doesn't even crack the top 10?

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