I'd like to thank...

I spent most of the weekend with a paintbrush (or roller) in my hand. Amanda said she was going to help but wound up being more moral support than performing any actual labor. (Thanks for the beer. It didn't give me a migraine this time which is all I ask.)

Last Tuesday night Kelly picked out a paint color for me. She really is the only person I've ever met who can look at 50 swatches of paint and tell me which one I'm allowed to have in under 5 minutes. And be fairly confident in herself. I was just thinking, "what if I ever move away, who will help me choose colors to paint?" I'm not planning on moving anytime soon. I was just thinking how fairly independent I am in my condo. I've learned to do all sorts of home improvement projects. And I have now officially painted every wall in my house. I just don't think picking colors will ever be a strong suit of mine.

Yesterday I painted only the wall where the torture entertainment rack lives. I had to empty it completely and then take down my curtains. Amanda also thought it was weird I wouldn't leave while my curtains were down. Look at the picture, people could see right in.

Today, I did all of the other walls. It took me the entire day.

Here's some before and afters:
Edging on day 1:

Edging on day 2:

And the new color is:

As a bonus, here's one of Amanda's most helpful moments:

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  1. Could we edit out the part where I sound like a middle-aged Scandanavian saying, "Oh dear!"

    I'm such a nerd!