Long Run Monday - Emotional Bonk but Fitness Win

Plan: Keep the heart rate low.  Warm up.  Run at least 12 miles. Have a longer cool down.

Route: I headed out along the 40th street Greenway, along Harriet, Calhoun and Isles.  From Isles I crossed over to the Kenilworth and Cedar Lake Trail.  Back down around Cedar Lake, then took the Greenway back into town.  The main hills on this route are at the beginning. I had one stop around mile 4 for an um, emergency.

Weather: 43* and windy when I started, with promises it would get warmer.  That was a lie as far as I was concerned.

Wardrobe: Capris and my ally shirt with arm sleeves.  I had low socks and the Pink Altras on my feet.  And a visor on my head.  I would've been better to just wear long sleeves.  I had the arm sleeves engaged the whole time.

Execution: Fitness wise, this was actually a really solid run.   I compared the paces to some other runs I've done recently, and I am getting ever so slightly faster.  And that's with my last long run being five days ago,  (I know, that's less than recommended.)  Emotionally this run was a fight and a bonk, almost entirely for nutrition reasons.  I felt like crying, turning around, or looking for a bus to take me home at least the first half of the run.
Nutrition: Pre-run I had a spoonfull of almond butter.  I carried two Larabars and water.  I only ate one of the Larabars.  I didn't start it nearly soon enough.  I should've had it in my hand the entire time and taken small bites every mile or so.  As soon as I got some food in me, my attitude turned around.  So I'll need an improved nutrition game plan going forward.

Bonus: Did I mention I started the Whole30?  This is day 3.  Which explains the massive shift in nutrition and also the massive bonk. 

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