2016 Goal Review

This post and this post both had 2016 goals.  Here's the review of how I did.

February: Valentines Day 5K  Check
March: Hot Dash  Check
May - not sure about Flying Pig but I may do a walking half marathon with a friend. - Walking Half Marathon with a friend.  I did not go home for the pig.
June - I want to do Lola's Half Marathon, but this may be a little much - I did it and it was a little much.  For a while I was hungry for revenge, but I'm not sure I'll do it in 2017.  The course is open to cars and I'm just not wild about that.
July - Red White and Boom Half Marathon - Check and it was my favorite race of the year.
September - I want to try Running of the Bays Half Marathon which looks awesome.  My Pooky Bear had also mentioned a half marathon in Duluth which could be fun. - I did not do either race and I'm totally cool with it.
October - TCM 10 Miler - check.
Bonus Goal - I really want to run the Flying Pig Full Marathon in 2017.  Update: Hell no.
Training log - made some updates to the way I track weight lifting and will continue to play with that in 2017
Weight lifting - increased dramatically in 2016 towards the end of the year.  This wasn't a goal in January but it became a point of interest as time went on.
Step back weeks - no changes
Long runs - no changes for 2016.  Goal for 2017 is to have Sunday and Monday be long run days of about equal mileage, because that's how both 3-way and Loony will be.
Heart rate training - 2016 my Z2 running improved dramatically.  This was completely unexpected.  2017 goal may be to actually try the real MAF method, but I'm uncommitted.
Other runs - 2016 goal was to find some 'purpose' for runs on days other than long runs.  I added "hill or trail runs" and Z2 runs, and some speed work.  It gave my training a surprising amount of focus.
Hill runs - 2016 every Monday.   2017 hopefully keep every Monday and find a way to work hills into the long runs.  Hello Ft Snelling?
Elliptical - 2016 goal was to do Z2 workouts on the elliptical.  I sort of abandoned this as I got more confident and patient with actual Z2 runs.
Pictures - 2016 goal was to take my phone on at least all of my long runs.  I think I did okay.  I got enough for the calendars at least.  This goal is always harder in the winter when my phone needs to be babied.

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