2015 Fitness in Review

Biggest surprises: 
I did not blog a ton this year.  I loved writing the trail reviews but got less interested in other stuff. 
I bought a Garmin (when my heart rate monitor broke 1 week before a big race), and as a follow up, I stopped bringing my phone/camera on as many runs.
Trail Running was a bit of a revelation.  I don't have William O'Brien or Trail Mix on my race list yet, but I hope I keep up with the trails and get some of those races on my list too. 

I did lots of running, a fair amount of walking, and spent some time on the elliptical as well.  I rode my bike some in the summer, more for transportation than fitness.  I flirted with swimming but that never really took off. 

Cross Training:
Spinning kind of took a back seat after a huge January.  Yoga and stretching were big in June, when I did some 30 day challenge.  And as the year went on, I started lifting more and more.

Tentative Plan for 2016:
February - Valentines Day 5K
March - Hot Dash  I think I need to find flannel for this oneMay - not sure about Flying Pig but I may do a walking half marathon with a friend.
June - I want to do Lola's Half Marathon, but this may be a little much
July - Red White and Boom Half Marathon
September - I want to try Running of the Bays Half Marathon which looks awesome.  My Pooky Bear had also mentioned a half marathon in Duluth which could be fun.
October - TCM 10 Miler
Bonus Goal - I really want to run the Flying Pig Full Marathon in 2017. 

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