2016 Training Update

Early training update from 2016: I realized I have some things nailed down but some room for improvement, and some solid goals.

Training log - nailed down: I was explaining my training log to a friend. It's kind of nutty and I track a lot of information.  Special bonus, the graphs will work for the whole year (assuming I don't add any fields) without any extra work.

Weight lifting - sort of nailed down I think: I've been doing this TRX/Kettlebell class at my gym for about six months and I've really enjoyed it.  It costs extra and so far it's been worth the cash.  I'm registered for another 6 weeks. I hope I keep it up. 

Step back weeks - nailed down: Step back weeks are always 25 mile weeks with no runs more than 6 miles long.  As a bonus, I have them timed to go with, um, nature.

Long runs - nailed down: I've had the 'long run' concept down for a while.  For Half Marathons, I will try to run at least one 13-15 mile run, and several 10-12 mile runs before the race.  For 10-miler, I will run several 10 milers with some runs over 10 miles.

Heart rate training - both 'nailed down' and not: I tried adding all these Z2 runs and I got nothing but frustrated.  In some ways winter solves this all on it's own because I can't see my heart rate monitor underneath all the layers.  Ongoing plan: Z2 works on the elliptical so that will be the focus of those workouts.  Z3 works very well on runs and I will try to keep that going as well. 

Other runs - room for improvement:  I realized I'm great at the 'long runs' but that's only one day per week.  What do I do the other 6 days?!?  This year, I may try to have some additional focus on these other workouts, since there are so many.  Hill runs and trail runs are near impossible to plan in the winter.  Elliptical workouts are easier to plan at this time.

Hill runs - room for improvement: I have always imagined myself doing more hill runs.  I have like 80 ideas for how to accomplish this goal, but no real plan.  My brain keeps saying "this will be so much easier when the trails aren't covered in snow and you can run there". 

Elliptical - goal for this year: I want to add at least one workout per week on the elliptical, for 60 minutes in Z2. I did one today.  My legs hurt.

Pictures - goal for this year: I want to take my phone on at least all of my long runs.  I'm very missing the pictures from long runs that I've had in years past. Special bonus, ducks from my run earlier this week.

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