October Monthly Totals

What Worked Well: ZumbaMy fitness goal for October was a triumphant return to Zumba.  And I did in a big way.  I went to all the Thursday and Saturday classes after race weekend, and I threw in a couple Wednesday classes as well.

What Could Go Better: Stretching.  Sometimes I am grumpy and lazy and don't want to get off the couch.  And I'm sick of listening to the same youtube videos telling me how to foam roll.  Apparently I need a hug.

Biggest Surprise: Spin.  This was my biggest month for spin ever.  I had a blast and may try to go every Monday from now on, instead of the every other I've been doing.  I started wearing my heart rate monitor in class, which helps me force myself to work to the right intensity.

Plan for Next Month: Average 28-30 miles per week.  Run at least one mile per day. Run in the woods at Julie's place at least once. Run 8-10 miles on Thanksgiving Day. Start the Kettlebell/TRX class at the gym. 

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