September 2014 Monthly Totals

What Worked Well: I've been challenging myself with the distances of my mid-week runs.  I ran 9 miles after work at the Lake Minnetonka LRT trail.  Not a distance I was confident I could manage but I wound up having a blast.  I followed that up the next week with 7 miles in Montrose. 

What Worked Well Part Two: Having a strong plan about when finishers need to happen was also helpful.  I did 'finishers' after every long run and at least one other time of the week, usually on Sunday.  And I have a lot more 'finisher' minutes than any month previous. 

What Worked Well Part Three: I found these Pilates videos on YouTube and used those as finishers several times.  I've missed Pilates and it appears I will never get a class to fit back in with my schedule so these have been nice.

What Could Go Better: Fit in more Zumba.  I stopped going to Zumba on Saturdays this month because of fitting in long runs for the Loony Bin Loony Challenge.  I missed a few Thursdays too, because dirt trails were flirting with me.

What Could Go Better Part Two: I kind of gave up stretching at some point.  The foam roller just lost its appeal and the couch seemed too comfortable to get up. 

 Biggest Surprise: Only three Zumba classes all month?!?

Plan for Next Month: Go back to Zumba.  For running, focus on heart rate training.  Run at least a mile per day.  September was all about getting ready for Loony.  October is about relaxing and enjoying myself.

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