4.5 Miles on Luce Line Trail

I finished the day with about eight million trails to choose from.  I'd thought about Minnesota River Bluffs, but a fresh stretch of Luce Line grabbed my attention instead.  I'd been on a small part of this trail already, the day I ran around Medicine Lake.  Remember how hot that day was?

Trails: Luce Line apparently offers many different surface types. See here for details.  I was on the paved portion of the trail.  Paved except for the bridges, which are out of this world.  The bridges feel a mile long, but in the best way possible.  (They're not really a mile long.)  I saw tons and tons of bikers and a couple other runners along the way.  The part of the trail I was runs next to the train tracks, which I mostly liked, and crosses over the tracks in some places, which I did not like.  I imagine I'd like it even less on a bike.

Weather: It's getting colder.  In the sun, I felt warm.  In the forested part of the trail, I felt a bit chilled.  It was a phenomenally gorgeous day.

The Run: I kept my heart rate very low.  Except for that one obvious hill.  Even then I kept it really under control for something that steep.  I wanted something lazy and slow so that I could enjoy the weather and the fall colors.  Mission accomplished I say.  I liked this trail and would like the chance to go a bit farther and explore more of it.

Post Race Issues: What the hell did all that racing do to my abs?  I guess I should Pilates more.  Right now I'm trying to focus on keeping all my runs aerobic and fun.  My fitness goal for October is to get back to Zumba.  I went tonight for my first Thursday class in what feels like a month. 

Bonus: Roughly the same picture: Summer to Fall.

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