5 Miles on the Greenway

The Run: went much better than yesterday's slow-ass sweat-fest. I'd originally planned to do a MAF test today, but I just didn't want to concentrate for 45 minutes on keeping the exact same heart rate.  Instead I went out on the Greenway for a slow, steady run.  It was cool, pleasantly breezy.  I was thrilled to run a whole string of miles faster than even a single mile from yesterday.  Maybe this heart rate thing is paying off? 

The aftermath: I think my problem is actually yesterday's finisher rather than today's run.  Nonetheless, I was sore all day and had a hard time moving. To say nothing of me trying to get out of my car.  Every time I think about those damn lunges I picture this: 

Foam Rolling: I actually had to try this twice because the first time I got on the roller it was so painful I had to stop.  Hello quads!  I did psych myself up, climb back on the roller and grind out several knots.  My legs were crazy tight.  Fifteen minutes later, it appears I may live.  But I may need to foam roll again in the morning before work, just to make sure.

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