3.9 Miles - Greenway

After bailing on Zumba Thursday night, I actually wanted to go this morning.  A desire which was competing with my desire to stay in bed all day.  Sigh.  I made it out of the house without breakfast for a hot run on the Greenway first.   Turned out to be good that my stomach was empty.  After Friday's really slow run with the heart rate monitor, this one turned out much better.  I'm now able to aerobically maintain paces that I think I should be able to keep, at least in the beginning, and figuring out how to even things out in the end as well.

Zumba was also a blast and I'm happy I got out of bed for it.  I spent part of the class standing in a different spot, with an old boss/friend who I never get to see.  It was pretty fun to be in the middle of the room again.  The front row is all these people who come every week and know all the dances.  The middle is chaos.  I can't believe it but I loved it.

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