November Running Slump!

Remember a month ago when I'd just finished a marathon and suddenly could not sit still??  Yeah, that's no longer an issue.  I am well into the "November I don't give a damn" phase.

What's this new phase?  Last month I was all "I want to do a triathlon next year; I should start going to Masters Swimming again". Now I'm all "oh honestly, it's 500 yards; go to masters next spring".  Last month I had my 2014 trail races, and my entire racing season really, all planned out.  Now I'm all "oh that April race that I can't sign up for until January, it still looks fun".  And as has happened every year I'm all "Dreidel Dash, yeah, I should probably train for that one..."

Running hasn't stopped.  The streak continues, but a mile per day is fairly low mileage.  I run once a week with a friend from work.  She is faster than me but I am more comfortable with longer distances so we balance out well.  So far our longest distance is 5 miles and our top will be 6 miles before the Dreidel Dash.  I keep trying to run with Beth too, but a tragic setup of time changes, colds, and precipitation has thwarted us for several weeks.  All in all, even running with friends I've kept things very low key and about fun, not pace or distance.

This November crash has happened to me every year I've run, even before I started training for marathons.  I have a tendency to just give myself November as a recovery month and give in to the sloth.  I usually use my Thanksgiving morning alone time for a long run to pull myself back to normal. 
In all the spare time I created for myself by not running 35 miles per week, I'm doing lots of things.  I made Christmas Present calendars for Mom and Dad, working an extra day this week (how do you people work on Fridays all the time?), going to more Zumba classes, and watching television.  Does anyone else love The Voice as much as I do? Since I can't leave you with pretty pictures from a run, here's a nice video instead:

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