The Post Marathon "I Don't Know What To DO With Myself"

I'm in the throws of the Post Marathon "what the heck do I do with my time?" feeling.  I keep coming up with things to entertain myself, and keep nixing them because I need to sit still and do nothing whilst I recover.  Add on top of that I got sick on Monday, and took off work both Tuesday and today.  This is not the lactic acid shuffle; this was like food wont go in my stomach.  Awesome.

Short term goals:  I am still running at least a mile every day.  The day after the marathon felt like knives in my quads for the first block. Why am I so crazy?  Because Oct 13 marks 365 days of running/moving at least a mile every day and I refuse to give up one week before the end.  Three more days.  I don't think I'll keep the running going every day after that, but who knows. I am also planning on another post marathon cleanse diet but opting in favor of waiting until I am healthy enough to both cook and eat the food on the diet.  Right now my stomach is protesting most forms of sustenance.

Medium term goals: There's always Dreidel Dash.  I'm planning on running the 10K and then cheering my heart out for the 5K runners.  I will probably get to training for that in a few weeks but I never take this race seriously in terms of training.  Sigh.

Long term goals: I want to do a triathlon next year.  Correction: a friend wants to do a triathlon next summer and I thought it sounded like a good idea.  It's a sprint distance.  I just read the rules and everything looks serious but it could be really fun.  Other than that, maybe some half marathons? Three Way Challenge again? 

Other things: I want to get back into Circuit Classes.  After a wild summer and a change in teachers, then marathon tapering, I totally abandoned the class.  I hear there's a regular teacher now and the class is hitting its stride again.  I also want to get a heart rate monitor and use it more in my training.  Also, maybe if I need a goal this winter it will be around losing weight instead of race training.  That could keep me out of trouble for a long time.

In closing, a couple more pictures from Sunday, one look of death and one look of relief.

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