Home Improvement - Light Fixtures!

Thanks to my Pooky Bear and her support team for helping me change two light fixtures tonight.  This post will go along with other home improvement success posts including let there be light, I can fix my toilet and so can you, and it's on now, let's paint the place

I'd been wanting to change these tragic light fixtures since, well, the day I moved in.  They are a hot mess and always have been.  I just never believed I could really do anything about it.  It was learned helplessness really.  It was sort of reinforced when a neighbor told me he'd tried to change light fixtures and we had a non-standard bracket up in the ceiling that complicated the whole process.  During the trip home I saw my parents place and some interesting home improvement dilemmas they are having, and also got to see family's recently built brand new home and I was motivated.

When I got back to town I told Pooky Bear set aside Friday night, I would provide dinner and she should help me pick out a light fixture and provide expertise and encouragement.  She brought reinforcements.  The neighbor who'd caused all the trouble came too and ate pizza but did not stay for the actual improvement process. Bah.

Pooky Bear and I actually replaced two light fixtures in the hall way.   The new lights are the 'nipple lights' seen here. The fixtures had to match so it made sense to do them at the same time.  Neighbor told me that taking those lights down already made the place sixty percent less 'grandma-ish'.  And now I'm ready to tackle that tragic chandelier.  And the fiasco that is my bathroom lights.   I have decided I am not equal to the task of a ceiling fan and would be much happier paying someone else to do that right.

Things I learned about replacing a light fixture:
  • There's a thing called a nipple.  There was actually a lot of boob action tonight.
  • The brackets in this place are perfectly fine. 
  • Trying to thread the light fixture and installation onto the two mounting screws is the worst thing in the world. 
  • Turn off the power at the breaker box.
  • Do this with a friend; no one person's arms are strong enough for the whole process. 
  • Ceiling itches.
  • I'm very lucky to have friends who don't let me get discouraged.

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