Internet Search Results - Update

From time to time, I check which searches point to my blog.  There seems to be no end of searches pointing to the Nike Vs Endomondo App Showdown, and most especially to the Ikea Hack instructions for Expedit and Drona.  There have been hilarious ones like how tall is Sven Sungaard, and of course Can I put Chia Seeds in a Diet Pepsi?.  These are less frequent and only generate a hit or two, but they crack me up.  Today I saw this gem:

"Badass pipes and biggest" - I checked carefully on Google, peering through my fingers at first in case it was something dirtier than I'd imagined.  It seems to be a car thing, and there's an Audi called the A4, so maybe...  This is the only post with the words "badass" and "pipes" in it, and they're not even related.  I'm sure this person didn't find what they were looking for here. Sorry.

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