16 Long, Slow Miles

It's a good thing that I had some nice runs last week because this run sucked up and down.  Looking back, I had two problems.

First, I worked out yesterday and didn't refuel properly afterwards.  I didn't go to bed hungry, but I hadn't really eaten enough for a long run the following day.  My fault.  Those strawberries and cream were good, although they left me near tears around mile 13 when my body ran out of fuel and chomps just weren't enough.

Second, I had no plan for the run, and tried a couple different plans in the middle which were just silly.  I had no idea what I wanted to do for pace, and wasn't paying any attention to pace in the beginning, when I should have been.  By the time I thought about pacing, or intervals, or anything really, it was already too late.  So I was really slow.

Two things worked right on this run.  I learned from last week to take pictures while running, and perhaps that didn't help my pace splits any and I should calm down.  Second, the fueling method continues to work.  I'm taking half a serving of chomps at mile 5, the second half at mile 6; then again at miles 9 and 10; 13 and 14; etc.  This is based partly on science and partly on where the water stops are for the marathon.

There's some pictures below of Lake Harriet, Calhoun, Cedar, and the Greenway (which is not technically under construction itself, just conveniently located for water pipes from other construction), the most badass dog walker ever, and me collapsed after the run.  Sigh.

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