Music Streaming Part 4 - Update on Workout Music

A while back I posted on popular streaming music apps Spotify and Pandora and the ever important issue or listening to music during workouts.  I did in fact get curious about using streaming apps during workouts so I decided to try it.  I used Pandora exclusively for the trial because I have the paid version of Pandora and didn't want to hear ads while I was running.

Running - I did a few shorter runs with Pandora as my music of choice.  I had GPS running at the same time.  I didn't notice any errors in GPS or issues with Pandora during the experience.  I also didn't notice any significant battery drain.

Walking - Similar to running, I listened to Pandora while walking around the lake.  In addition to GPS, I took a ton of pictures with the camera.  Again, I didn't notice significant battery drain.

Treadmill - I did one treadmill run with Pandora and had a couple issues.  My phone lost its data signal a couple of times while I was running on the treadmill, otherwise the experience was fine. I've long suspected my gym of having a cell phone blocker in the building.  They are really strict about no cell phones in locker rooms (something about a device that can take pictures in a place where people walk around naked).  My cell signal disappears when I get near the locker room but works fine outside the building. 

Other cardio equipment such as elliptical and bike. I couldn't try Pandora too much on this equipment because of the cell signal issue, but I badly wanted to.  I have a feeling this would be the best use of streaming music at the gym.

Keep In Mind - Station Choice is Critical.  Pandora does offer some stations for workouts.  I found those to be a little too varied and a bit off the mark for what I wanted.  My favorite station is the Pitbull station although that has hilariously little variety, as I've come to expect from Pandora and other-than-English-speaking artists.  For walking, Amanda Marshall station is my favorite.

Pros - It was nice to hear some new songs on my runs. It was also nice not to have to look for new music or put together one more playlist for a run.  It's more variety than I could've found.

Cons - During a workout it's almost impossible to give the station feedback, like thumbs up or down to a song, or skip a song.  For running and treadmill running, I just listened to bad music rather than stop and walk while dealing with the station.  Now you see why I wanted to try this on some other cardio equipment where balance and falling down aren't such an issue.

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