Part 3: Do you listen to music during workouts?

My friends at Lifehacker have a great poll up, What do you listen to while you exercise?  I was thrilled to find out I'm in a 6% minority of people who listen to nothing.  Yowza.  I talked a while ago about giving it a try to run without music and then again later about going whole hog with the thing.

I want Lifehacker to to a follow up poll, specifically about the music people listen to.  I want to know are people listening to apps like Pandora or Spotify, homemade playlists, playlists that come from iTunes, mixes set to a specific BPM, etc.   I'd also like to know is there a difference in people who run, bike or walk outside and those who workout at the gym?  As I noted, I don't really listen to music outside anymore but you'd be hard pressed to get my iPod away from me at the gym. 

I typically make my own lists in iTunes.  I've listened to the Pandora workout stations for shorter workouts as well.  I've never listened to Pandora on a run because I'm afraid that using a data signal, music and a GPS signal would m
ake the battery blow up.  Maybe there will be a follow up post with an update.

In the mean time, here's some of what I like to listen to at the gym when I'm on the elliptical, treadmill, track, or doing whatever else I can find to keep out of trouble.

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