Sever's Corn Maze - Sunday Fun

There will be no apples this year.  Sigh  Scheduling nightmares and an earlier than typical harvest led us to find alternative fall fun-day plans.  Check out last year's apple trip with links to all the trips before that.

This place was a corn maze but really more like an entire fall festival experience.  As soon as we got inside the Qat Lady spotted this contraption and was all "let's get over our fear of heights and climb it".  And I looked at it suspiciously and was all "that's for the goats".  Which one of us lived on a farm?

There was a petting zoo which was actually kind of cool.  It had camels, kangaroos, deer and some kinds of African hoofed animals (also in the deer family), more goats, lemurs and a baby giraffe.  Camels have the longest eyelashes in the world.  (I don't know if that's really true, but they certainly had the longest eyelashes of any of the animals we got to pet.)

Pig races were another big attraction.  For those of you not on a farm, pig races are entertaining for your kids but for adults, maybe not so much.   It's not like a horse race where the question is which horse is the fastest given x, y, and z conditions.  Pig races are more "can you get the pigs to run one lap without stopping to eat the grass?"  It provides it's own entertainment.

The big attraction though, was the corn maze and it's where we spent most of our time.  No, not "maize".  Be serious.  They give you a map and it's kind of a scavenger hunt in the maze to add to the entertainment.  There's all the letters of the alphabet in the maze, and some of the letters have a picture of Farmer Bob on them; those pictures spell out a word.
First piece of advice: if your kids are small and will run away, the corn maze is not the thing for your family.  They'll run away, turn around, and then freak out.  Because it looks like this:

We actually had a nice time.  It was sunny but not super hot.  There were other people in the maze but it was not super crowded and we could get lost on our own just fine.  As I learned in Colorado, Qat Lady doesn't see a purpose for maps.  (She fed the first one to a goat.)  So she got in here and wandered around for a while.

Eventually the wandering route proved challenging and I was allowed to navigate.  We also learned in Colorado that I am a good map reader and navigator.  Those were always required skills in my family.  I had the map for some time before Qat Lady (of all people) finally took it over.  Maps may be hard but she knows her corn and did a great job.

We didn't find all the letters of the alphabet.  However, my Pooky Bear and I play too many word games because a certain point we were all "we need another vowel to make this a word" and started to prioritize.  We did spell the word, and entered into the raffle for the whatever they give at the end of the season.  Keep your fingers crossed!

On the long ride back from Shakopee I tried to take a nap.  The back of a Rav 4 is bouncier than you think it is.  So I settled for a nap on my couch before working out.

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