If I didn't log a workout, did it really happen?

The eternal question for anal runners - if a workout wasn't logged, did it really happen?  I use a super serious log for marathon running.  It helps me keep on track with long runs and mileage for the week.  Then when I'm not marathon training, I'm all what have I been doing?

I'm currently in the midst of some fitness challenge.  I got signed up for it much the same way I've gotten myself signed up for several marathons in the past. 
Me: Tell me about this thing?
Her: You should do it.  You have to sign up by midnight tonight, but we need a sixth person so you really should.
Me: Okay
Does it sound to you like I understood what I was signing up for? It involves both fitness and nutrition.  The nutrition part, in particular, feels like forced torture.   No yogurt. WTF?  What did my yogurt do to you?  I have been eating so many vegetables.  I never want to see anything green again.  Although perhaps the most torturous thing is that I have to miss Thursday night Circuit and Zumba for this stuff.  Why?

The fitness part is less stressful.  They give us workouts to do at home which are similar to workouts I do in circuit class and I can do them at the end of a run, once I start doing them.  (I took the first week off for 'marathon recovery'.)  I need a way to track both my workouts and my food, at least while I'm doing this.  I'm thinking I'll go back to Lose It for calorie counting.  I need to come up with a better spread sheet for workouts.

Here's what's happened so far:
Wednesday was a Team:Work workout which I had to do because I'm the leader.

Thursday was a Challenge workout.  I have panic attacks on treadmills.  I hate the treadmill with the heat of a thousand suns.  Seriously.  Panic attacks.  Next time I'll bring my iPod and it will be better.  Also I ran up 30 flights of stairs.  As punishment.  For someone else missing a meeting.

Friday I was more sore from that workout than I should've been.  That's marathon recovery for ya!  So instead of working out, I hit the hot tub at the gym.  This was after an hilarious exchange of texts with himself who forgot that I am not in the office on Fridays.  The texts got funnier and funnier as he discovered he's pretty much the only person on the planet who has to work on Friday.  Sorry.

Saturday Back to running.  There's also a Saturday morning Zumba class that I decided I'll have to try since I can't go on Thursdays.  Saturday mornings at the gym are a little insane.  It's like as busy as 5:30 on a weeknight plus there's kids everywhere.  So I got to the gym way early for class and hit the track.  I ran about 1.5 miles, which was about what I wanted.  Zumba was fun.  How I've missed you.  It's a lot more old white women than Thursday night, but still a good mix of everyone and a great way to start the day.
I finished the day at Marshall's with My Pooky Bear where I was successful at replacing the sweat pants I'd lost on marathon day.  (I knew I was going to take them off and leave them on the side of the road but still.)  I also found a new running shirt and some 'lay around the house' knit pants.  The thing Marshall's didn't have this time: Socks.  ::Sigh::

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