Ragnar Great River: How to Recover from Ragnar

Saturday after the race, my race gear and house exploded into a giant mess.  For a while, I am the opposite of a girl and totally don't care.  Only one science experiment resulted from not rinsing out and unpacking sooner. Although nothing could really top this experience.

 Sunday Go to the Farmer's Market for eggs and bacon.  Exercise is neither allowed nor advisable.  Beer would've been good but I had a 'liquor stores are closed on Sunday' issue.  Minnesota, that is a stupid rule.  The farmer's market was packed.  I got one of the last packages of bacon.

Monday Wake up and go for a short run.  Sleep in and go for a hill run after work.  I didn't mean to run so hard.  This is kind of a 'pound the crap out of your legs' route.  But it's so much fun.  It ends with a big down hill section.  Running down hill is pretty much my favorite thing in the world.  Around mile 2 of the run:


Tuesday be sick for stupid girl reasons.  Take all morning to figure out it's stupid girl reasons making me hurt and so tired I could sleep for a week.  Oy.

Wednesday Have no choice but to go to work.  Have basically an okay day, although still hurting a lot.  Make best friends with ibuprofen.  Hit the gym at the end of the day.  The gym where no one is.  This may have been my first time on an elliptical (not pictured) in August.  I've been trying to avoid them but between Ragnar and the Monday hill run, my legs needed a break.
After Ragnar and feeling like crap, exercise gave me enough energy to finally care about the mess in my house and clean it up.  All better.

Smile and be happy.  Start picking out legs for next year's Ragnar!

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