Mmmmm. Carbs.

It's been a week of "tapering" and I'll use that term loosely here.  Now I'm packing on the carbs for the race on Saturday.  This is one of the best parts of racing.

Sunday - long run with Running Beth and long bike ride, as previously mentioned.
Monday - no working out.  none.
Tuesday - last day of double workouts.  For some reason my body just wanted a longer run, so I decided to oblige with a trip around Hiawatha and Nokomis in the morning.  It was hot.  Tuesday afternoon was ladder workouts at the track.  I made mine a shorter workout since I'm tapering.  (What a princess.)
Wednesday - some house cleaning, no actual workouts.
Thursday - Zumba, because it's what I look forward to all week.

The Gopher to Badger half marathon is coming up on Saturday, then next week is Ragnar and somewhere between the two I need to squeeze in a long run.

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