Long Run Monday - The Construction has moved to the bike trails

Yes, I did just run a half marathon two days ago, so running 17 miles at the crack of dawn seemed like the best idea in the world.  Right.  I meant to do the long run Sunday morning but had a killer migraine so everything got pushed back a day.

5:00am - Why is there light?  Why am I awake?  I hate eating these protein bars before a run.  Before races I usually have granola and yogurt but I didn't have time to let that settle so inhaled a bar and packed another for a snack, something I hate just as much, because I didn't have enough Gu for the whole run.


5:30am or so - off I go.  Nike wants me to know that I work out way too early in the morning.  I completely agree.

Miles 1 and 2 - Slow down.  Given the fiasco that was half marathon pacing on Saturday, my goal was to take this run nice and easy and practicing managing a pace even when I wanted to go faster.

Mile 2 - Pit stop number 1.  I wish I knew how many minutes that added to my time.

Lake Harriet - I love this lake when no one is here to bother me.  Lake Harriet is everyone's favorite lake and as such, is totally packed much of the time.  It's fun in the early morning when just a few people are out and there's plenty of room to maneuver.  Also, there's a pretty good dirt track next to the path all the way around this lake.  I like to run in the dirt.  Shocker.
Ate first half of Gross Bar number 2.

Lake Calhoun - Sunrise was pretty impressive.  Seriously. Slow down.  It's not time to go yet.

Midtown Greenway and Kenilworth Trail *Construction Detour* - awesome.  I'm not really sure what I did here; I think the way I have it drawn on the map is accurate, but who can say for sure.  I knew the detour was actually going to take distance off the run but decided not to panic.  It's not clear how long all this crap will be going on or how many more runs it will impact.

Lake Cedar - Ate second half of Gross Bar number 2.  Boo.  Lake Cedar made up for it by being the most beautiful part of the entire run.  As always.  It was also the place where I finally thought about going a little faster, although I was still trying to keep it under control.

Cedar Lake / Luce Line Trail and the northern edge of Kenilworth - mercifully not under construction.

21st street and Lake of the Isles - I finally started to kick here and maybe did too good a job of pacing earlier because I had plenty of energy to keep it moving.  To my friends at the Minneapolis Park Board - why are there no facilities or portable facilities at Lake of the Isles?  Also, were the portable facilities at the Lake of the Isles Greenway entrance set on fire?  Because that's how it looked.


Lake Calhoun again - long pit stop.  I love plumbing.  Again, I wish I knew how long that ultimately took.   I couldn't have been that long.

Lake Harriet - loving running in the dirt track next to the trial.  My shoes, socks and ankles are so dirty.

40th street Greenway - How did I get up that hill?  I ran all the way to the35W bridge and then did 1 block run; 1 block walk intervals to cool down the rest of the way home.  I calculated the actual distance of the actual run, just shy of 17 miles but with the warm up and cool down walks it evens out.  Boo for detours.

Thoughts on the run:
  • As you can see my Nike+ kit will never be accurate.  It's only 4.5 miles off today.  WTF?  Too bad.  I wish I knew how fast I was actually running.
  • Pacing seemed both good and bad.  It felt good at the beginning to keep it really slow, something that's really important for the marathon, but perhaps I was going too slow?  The whole run took 4 hours and should've taken about 25 minutes less than that.  How slow am I?
  • I was trying to calculate where the time went, a couple minutes at the beginning, some time for a couple of pit stops and a couple minutes for walk lights on the way back, but not 25 minutes
  • Nutrition - I hate bars, although they seem to keep me really full.  I took 1 less Gu than I'd planned.
  • Hydration - every time I drink I want to puke.  This cannot be good.  Running does seem to eventually calm my stomach down but has the regrettable side effect of making me thirsty again.
  • I had to put a bandaid over my belly button becuase that's where my skin rubbed offin the race on Saturday. (I have no explanation.)  WIN for the band aid for not falling off that whole sweaty run.
  • My last long run will be in Cincinnati.  Dad is helping me find a long run route.  I love he's so interested.

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