A Weekend of Biking and Running

Turns out, I'm running a half marathon on Saturday.  I decided I should use this weekend for training.  Hilarious.

Run: 4 mile 'speed' workout - jog 90 seconds and sprint 30 seconds, walk after every third round.  It was a fun run.  Things finally cooled down and I was happy to be out.
Bike: I have no idea how far I went.  There was a sailing party at Lake Harriet.  They'd put down fresh oil on the Luce Line trail.  One signs was still up saying it was closed but all the other signs were down and riders were all over it.  Nice and smooth!

Run - 11.5 miles with Running Beth who is running the half marathon as well.  It was a gorgeous morning and a gorgeous run.  

Bike - 18 or so miles, also gorgeous out.  I got caught in my clips and fell over, clipped into the bike which was awesome.  I don't think I'm hurt but my hand feels like hamburger.  I'm doing "two a days" (and I use that phrase loosely) because the week after the half marathon is Ragnar Relay which definitely requires two-a-day preparation. 

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