Well I guess the lakes are frozen

Yes, that's right.  The lakes are starting to freeze.  So is the river.  Boo.  At least winter starting means winter will end sooner too.  On the exercise front - I'm still mostly taking a break from running (brrr) but not from working out.

Wednesday I did the High Intensity Water Running class.  I am getting the hang of it.  Although this week was packed.  Get out of my way people.
Thursday I did Circuit Class again.  The thing about this class is, I just went one Thursday becuase I couldn't make it to the normal Monday class or something.  I never really meant for this class to become part of my routine.  I really like the teachers at this class so I keep going back.  The two classes are really different.  The Monday class is longer, starts on the track, and has a lot more running and pilates moves that I know.  The Thursday class is shorter and has a lot more weight lifting moves (different teachers).  The weight lifting moves are challenging just because I've never really lifted weights so I don't know how to do them.

Friday I hit the gym for a long solo workout.  I did the elliptical for an hour, then did the rowing machine.  The gym is getting new cardio equipment.  The rowing machines were already in place.  They're like two feet taller than the old ones.

Old friend!

Exercise music - always on the lookout for some more good songs.  Here's some that were added to my playlist this week.

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