Not what I had planned - but still a good day

12:50am ::Phone rings:: My brain tells me that I must answer the phone and sound awake.  Stay awake!  I answer and talk.  Stay awake!  Be nice!  Keep talking.  (Be nice.  The words "I'm about to fall asleep" may never leave your mouth.)

6:30am Alarm went off.  Ha.  Running Intervals class is going to have to wait.

8am Alarm goes off again.  This time I actually have to get up.

920 I hit the road.  Yes, sometimes I can go in late to work.  I was actually going to a training today.  Thrilled that I-94 is not a parking lot.

10am-12pm Training number 1.  It was kind of interesting, but the research on which they were reporting was ultimately flawed.  I guess I did learn something in that research methods class.  The crux of the research was case managers rarely refer to two specific services for family caregivers.  (We love caregivers.)  They didn't measure the actual unmet needs.  The survey results failed to acknowledge that case managers refer to other services, besides the two in the survey, that meet the same need.  (I was like this in school too.)

1250pm - Who the hell tries to make a tax exempt purchase at Chipotle!?!  I got a buy one get one coupon for being behind that guy and still trying to be nice.

1:30pm Training number 2.  A Webinar!  Oh look!  My computer has spider solitaire!

4:45pm Still at work, grabbed my gym bag and tried get ready for circuit.  Where are my pants!  Get on the road to go home to retrieve said pants.  Meet the mother of all traffic jams on 62.  Hit the city streets instead.  I need my pants!

5:29 I rolled into circuit class with seconds to spare.  This week's theme was "double duty".  My hamstrings hate me.  They hate the teacher's exercises.  They hate medicine balls.  Oy.  Then we got to do bosu burpees.  Ask me how I feel about burpees.  Although it is an "I hate you but will feel like superman once you are conquered" feeling. 

6:45 or so is when I realized that I was in a totally bad mood becuase I was hungry and tired.  I attempted to calm my shit down.  I'll let you know how that works out.

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