Best. Picture. Ever.

I'm not going to launch into my opinions on the health care debate here becuase I know it will annoy my Pooky Bear. But this picture... hee hee. I'm not sure if it's someone who doesn't understand the system, I prefer to think it's someone who's bright and funny putting an hilarious spin on things.

Picture from here.


Liz trains for a Maraton: Liz Drops 5:00 from her 10K time

Today was the Bolder Dash, my favorite race of the year, and the only 10K race I've ever run. I ran the 10K last year too. It's really hard to get my head around doing two laps around that lake.

To start things off, Sen Klobuchar came out to thank Bolder Options, mentors, and families, which was cool. She said she couldn't run because she had some other events. I wonder how she would have done.

At the starting line.

I did take 4:56 (read 4 minutes and 56 seconds for non-runners) off my time from last year. (No wonder I felt like I was going to die after the race...). That's quite an achievement over last year when 10K was about the longest I'd ever run. It's all that marathon training paying off.

After I ran the 10K, Dad and I walked the 5K. We were pretty near the end of that race. But he didn't want to run. Not sure where the running gene comes from, maybe not him. He plays tennis though which makes me think he'd be a great sprinter. After moving my body the equivalent of about 10 miles (there was walking to and from the car, and to and from starting lines plus the 15K of actual movement) we went for lunch and now I'm about to have a siesta.

Not sure what we'll do for dinner tonight...


This article is for Amanda

Even though she doesn't need it because our pictures were completely, perfectly, exactly straight and level no matter what anyone says.
How the rest of y'all can hang perfectly level artwork...


Liz Trains for a Marathon: Matter over Mind would be nice

Today, I did this route. As you can see, it's not the "Minnehaha Parkway to the Lakes and back" route any normal human being would have preferred. But it got the job done. MnDot (or whoever) finally took my advice and actually made it clear that no one should be underneath 35W at Minnehaha Parkway. It's really clear, disappointingly clear now. So clear that you can't fake not knowing and going through anyway.

My stomach and I got along much better this week than the last couple of weeks. I think part of the problem is the Gu Gels freak out my entire GI tract. (Raspberry is the best flavor I've found BTW.) It doesn't create *ahem* problems, but I just don't want to run when my body feels that way. Today I tried bringing a granola type bar with me too. That seemed to work really well. I could actually eat that while I was running in little bites and it wasn't so sugary. Also, Gatorade is disgusting. I don't remember it being that bad.

I'm also able to identify more of the abrasions I'm getting on my skin from running. I still have one on my belly button from my Fuel belt and waste line of my pants all coming together in the same place. The one I originally thought was from a sleeveless shirt under my arm was actually the armband that holds my iPod. How'd I find that out? It changes sides when I change the armband.

Today's run was good because for the most part my stomach wasn't trying to kill me. My body actually performed well overall. I wasn't even in a ton of pain when I got home and was able to run up some hills at the end which I've never been able to do at that distance.

My brain, on the other hand, totally freaked out around mile 14 and wanted to be done. It's much harder for my body to fight my brain than the other way around. So it was really hard to make my body keep running. I think part of it is that I always run that same route (only partly because Heather put the fear of god into me about Pike Island) and my body knows when it wants to be done and how much is left. I'm hoping Amsterdam will be new and interesting enough to distract me for much longer. Or maybe I'll teach my body to overcome my mind in the next few weeks. Or maybe both. We'll see.


Discretion: The better part of valor

An hilarious story from today: I had to go speak to the Executive Director. I knocked on her door and looked through her window. At the boss. Playing Freecell. She closed the game before inviting me in. (If it had been anyone else I would've given them a hard time, but I decided not to in this case.)

Right now I'm thinking of doing a long run tomorrow but I can't decide the mileage or the route I want to take. My options are basically anything between 10 and 20 miles for distances. For routes, I can go do the grand tour (kind of what I'm leaning towards, but hesitate because of the 35W construction issues), or Minnehaha Falls/Ft Snelling/Pike Island (which seems like it would be fun but it might be kind creepy and isolated that early in morning). Local runners: what should I do?


Well... just wow, again

::Steps onto soap box::

I finally got around to watching President Obama's speech to congress from last night. I know, I can't even use the "no cable" excuse on this one. I loved the part where the president talked about health care as a social justice issue. (Anyone who went to the U of M social work program understands...) And I was reminded again how valuable the time I spent outside standing in a looong line on this day was.

If your curiosity is piqued, or if you've been under a rock, check out the full speech here by scrolling down to the bottom of the text of the speech. (I suppose you could just read the speech there too.)

::Steps down::


Liz Trains for a Marathon: My GI Tract is still mad at me...

I *ahem* attempted to do a long run this morning. It was a mixed success. The minus column is obviously that my GI tract is still mad at me, I didn't feel so hot after about mile... well I didn't have it mapped so we'll put that in the minus too, but I cut the run shorter than I wanted.

The plus column is that I found a new route which doesn't involve me running through construction zones under 35W and I think I know why my GI tract is trying to kill me and it's not really my fault.

In the undecided column, is there anyone who can tell me which path leads to Pike Island? I was confused.


Liz Trains for a Marathon: An Open Letter to....

1) Katy Perry: Thank you for my new favorite running song.

2) MnDOT: I'm renewing my earlier concern about freaking closing Minnehaha Parkway under 35W with no explanation or, you know, detour. The last time I ran through there, the sidewalks were at least closed on the east and west side of the bridge. Today at o'dark-thirty, there were no sidewalk closures marked on the east side of the bridge. Although as soon as I was under the bridge I met a huge construction barricade and all of the sidewalks on the west side of the bridge were well marked as closed.

3) To my friend Alicia (who I'm sure doesn't read this blog, but some of you might know her): When we were teenagers on a caving trip, you taught me many valuable skills. I was just thinking of you today.

4) To my digestive track: We really need to work something out. I don't want another long run like the one you and I had this morning. Was it really good for you? Things that seemed to help you feel better and not want to kill me were water, sour patch kids (I know, I was surprised too), and running slowly. I'm sorry things got to the point where you needed extra water and food. I'm also sorry about the Gu. We're almost out of the gross lemon lime stuff, and I'll only get the raspberry from now on. I promise. Also, I'll try to take better care of you the night before a long run so we don't get into any more disputes. I don't want any more runs where you try to hurt me.

5) Everyone who was part of my Nike+ iPod graduation gift. I'm still using it. As you can tell by number 4, it was a rough run. At then end, I was feeling kind of discouraged until I looked at last weeks run and realized I was only 5 minutes slower this week than last week. (I assure you, I can account for all of that time.) It helped me realize how hard I actually worked and keep a positive attitude.

6) The sunrise over Lake Calhoun: you make my heart happy.

7) Willow trees: Willows FTW. (Kelly Pooky Bear, is "FTW" one of those abbreviations you can't stand? Sorry if it is.)

8) Everyone who has contributed to Bolder Options so far, and everyone who still wants to: Thanks for your ongoing support. Running a marathon I think will be a big accomplishment but raising enough for a kid to go through a mentoring program is an even bigger deal to me.