they say it's over

Well, the "experts" are saying the heat wave is over. I say "experts" becuase they're saying that but it's 11:37 PM and the heat index is still 105*. Maybe it'll be over tomorrow. Maybe I'll run tomorrow. I skipped doing anything today reasoning that my body needed a break. Is it bad if my joints hurt? Aren't I too young for that?


sitting at the cool kids table

So obviously, from the volume of posts on the subject, last night was an interesting work night. I just want to say ahead of time that I know how big my ego sounds in this blog and it's my blog and I'm ok with it.

The other thing that hit me was that I've been at the aquarium long enough and I understand how things work there well enough that I can be seen as one of "the cool people" who are fun and know everything. I had that realization again last night/this morning. The sad thing about sort of "being the cool person" and setting the example is that sometimes that example gets reflected back, and sometimes (I hope) that reflection is distorted.

I know that sometimes I complain about things at work. I work an overnight shift sometimes with 60 girl scouts sometimes even more terrifying is 60 cub scouts. Even when kids aren't puking, there's some material there. But when I complain, I try to do it in a light hearted, joking, funny kind of manner. I try not to be negative. Usually people smile or laugh at my "complaints". Some of them are pretty funny. Like cutting the donuts in half. I ask you.

So, the co-worker who all of my blogs are about today, tried to "complain". I assume she was trying to get a similar response to what I usually get (people smiling and laughing) but it didn't work so well. Instead she came off sounding pretty negative and miserable. It was kind of upsetting, partly because I don't want to be literally stuck in the aquarium with someone that negative but also because it looks like she's repeating my behavior, but not getting it quite right.

Another one of my challenges is set the example of having a positive attitude and not complaining and having that be cool. If people are going to mirror some of my behaviors, I'd at least like to have it be the good ones.

(Yes, my ego really is this big. Although I'm pretty sleep deprived. Earlier when I was walking in the 100* heat I read a sign that said "Decaf child" and it took me a full minute of knowing that wasn't right to re-read the sign and see "Deaf child". So I'm pretty loopy and full of myself at the moment.)

The things I've said in the past

This is the weekend where several things I've said in the past come back to bite me in the ass. I had this co-worker for a while. I don't know the full story and purposefully never tried to figure it all out but I know that it was hard for him to adjust to things or be flexible with changing situations. He also had a hard time reading social cues. It was challenging to work with someone under those circumstances. That said, he wanted to work and I always said "here is a person who is showing up and wants to work and if we can't find a way to include him, then it's our shortcoming, not his."

Those words have come back to bite me today, and they'll make a return appearance next Friday as well. There's a girl I work with at the aquarium in a very similar set of circumstances. Again, I try very hard not to know too much but she also has an easy time learning the routine and things that always need to be done and a hard time adjusting and being flexible when things don't go according to the routine. The problem is that in this job there's enough work for two people and it's just her and I. I feel like I don't have time to teach her the things I need her to do and do the things I need to do.

I remembered my words (even at 6:30am on no sleep) and tried to be patient (always a challenge) and teach her what I needed her to do. It wasn't that bad. She remembered to do much more stuff than I thought she knew how to do which was encouraging. She also has a hard time picking up on social cues which is only challenging because he was 4 adults and 8 kids in this overnight so any social awkwardness is glaringly obvious. But again, that's just me being a perfectionist. (I'm ok with that.)

Next Friday I could get totally frustrated at the situation and wish I was with another one of my co-workers who I really like working with and is fantastic at her job instead of who I was scheduled with. Instead I will see next friday as another chance to help this person learn the job and include her in a meaningful way. (It may be a long night.)

the hits just keep on coming

It's still hot. Very hot. It's after 8pm and it's still over 90* with a heat index of 112*. Again, it was way too hot to be running so I walked around the neighborhood. I walked over 4.5 miles. I would have walked longer but I ran out of my gatorade/water mix and it was too hot to keep going. When I got back I laid in the pool on a sweet little raft. I think I need to get a flotation device of some kind for the pool. I bet they're on sale at Target now, it's late enough in the summer.

I have decided that I'm running tomorrow no matter what. If it's too hot I'm going to find an early week from the Couch Potato Plan and do that around my running route just to keep running. Then I'm going to pray there is still money left on my parking card so I can drive to work tomorrow. (After work we're going to the Twins game so I need my car to drive home late at night.)


the heat wave continues

Well, because it's so hot, I decided I can't run right now but that I should walk. It turns out I walked over 4 miles today, and I was dripping sweat just as if I had actually run all that way. The difference was I didn't pass out from the heat as I surely would have if I were running.

An update on the weather, as of 2:30pm, it's either 93* with a heat index of 102*, or my personal favorite, 97* with a heat index of 117*. Why does KSTP always have the temps and heat index so much higher than the other local news stations and yahoo weather? Maybe it's just this week. Maybe they're trying to set more record temperatures, thereby making it more exciting to watch the weather...



At 4:15pm it's either 96* with a heat index of 101*, 98* with a heat index of 105*, or according to one station 100* with a heat index of 118*. Either way, it's freaking hot and there's no relief in sight.

at some point this just has to stop

I went for a run this morning in my neighborhood thinking that would make it easier for me to run a long time. I left around 9:30 or 10:00 this morning. Here's the thing. It's freaking hot. Right now it's 12:40 and depending on the weather info I look at it's 93* with the heat index at 100* or 97* with the heat index at 113*. Don't ask me why there's that big of a difference. Either way, it's freaking hot. As I was running I started to feel funky. I decided to walk the rest of my regular route and avoid a heat stroke. I will set my alarm and run early tomorrow.

I spent some time at the pool but it's literally too hot to be outside if I'm not in the water. Plus then there were these little kids who were fine and the Dad was nice but they're little kids running around so it's not all that relaxing. I opted for air conditioning for now.


welcome to slackerdom

I feel like a slacker because I ran less today than I did yesterday. That's ok right? My body needs a break.

I think I am getting yet another sinus infection. There was the one in April, the one in May, the one two weeks after that on the trip to Canada, and now this one, and that's only this spring and summer. Anyone else get sinus infections every time the wind blows? A sinus infection is a good reason to not run so hard. It impacts my breathing.

So I ran 2.4 miles instead of 2.7. I have discovered I really don't like running around Lake Nokomis. I'm mean I love the lake and it has my very favorite view of the Minneapolis skyline ever but I'm not a fan of actually running around the lake. I just get too caught up in when I'm going to be done. I really like the running route I found in my neighborhood.

Also, a note on the hills: I looked at the route for the Milk Run and there is a lot of up hill action. In my current running route the elevation differences (the top of the hill to the bottom of the hill) isn't that large even though I always complain about the one hill. On the Milk Run route the differences are like 5 times what I deal with. This should be interesting. Maybe I should start running stairs...


slow news day

Today I:

  • Woke up, went back to sleep (hee hee to those of you at work), woke up again and at breakfast

  • Watched Nanny McPhee

  • Ran 2.7 miles around Lake Nokomis in the hot hot noontime sun, and then walked around the lake a second time for good measure. Realy I just wanted to work on my tan. (Again, hee hee to those of you at work.)

  • Showered. (Aren't you glad after the run and the walk?)

  • Ate Chipotle.

  • Sat on couch and typed on blog.

I have also spent some time working on a list of songs that are good to run to. Every day when I run I discover some of the songs I love are not good running songs and some songs that I'm not wild about are wonderful running songs. Funny how that works out.


today's update

I'm avoiding posting to Amanda's blog after she and Kelly told me I was posting there too much and I should give Amadna a chance. (Although then Kelly threatened to move the running blog from the "daily blog list" to the list of blogs she only checks once a week. This blog lives on that list.)

Today I ran 2.6 miles. According to my calendar I have five weeks to get up to 3.2 miles. Ideally I'd like to have run 3.2 miles before I try it in the Milk Run. I seem to be adding 1/10th of a mile almost every day. By that logic, in a week I should be up to 3.2 miles. I'm wondering about the route of the milk run. Anything that involves the St. Paul campus of the U of M will also involve a hill. With that revelation, I'm glad I put the hill back in my running route.

I had an interesting day otherwise. I went to see Kelly and Amanda after work and wound up taking the 21 home later than I would have preferred. Really the bus was fine, I had to walk about 10 blocks in my neighborhood later than I would have preferred. However all was fine. I had some time to contemplate songs that are good to run/jog to.

Again, anyone who knows good running music, let me know.



I ran 2.5 miles today. According to Google maps almost all of my running route is up hill. Should I be worried about that?

I also started running with music. I think I breath much better when I have music. It actually slows down how I breathe. Although today I though, "oh crap, what's going to happen at the end of August when I try to run a 5k without headphones? That should be interesting.

Right now I'm working on creating a better list of songs that I can jog and listen to. Anyone have any suggestions?


I remember now

The other thing I was going to write about: After I ran this morning, I came back and opened up yahoo, and saw the most disturbing headline ever.

I have several thoughts about this story
  • It's a centuries old prank not likely to go away, although my favorite version of said prank was on an episode of M*A*S*H.
  • A portable toilet costs $2,000? Really?
  • There's an International Portable Toilet Association?
  • And why does a person keep old busted up biffies? Will they be antiques one day?

coming back

It's funny that my last blog entry was about other people not posting when I haven't posted in two weeks.

Here's some random thoughts from this week:
  • I was watching CNN last night and they were talking about Isreal bombing Lebanon and the weaponry and so on. And then CNN showed a graphic of the kinds of missels and how far into Lebanon they could go. And the graphic was from Google Earth. All I could think was, "are we seriously using Google to point out possible air strike targets? I don't think that's what it was intended for."
  • I thought of something this morning that I totally wanted to write about and was way more important than Google Earth. If I remember what it is, I'll write about it.


blog absentees

I am sitting at home (hee hee) wondering where Amanda and Kelly are because neither one has written anything for a while. I'm getting sad and lonely without their posts. The other day Kelly mentioned something about blogger not letting her post. While I've had this problem once or twice, it seems to be a much more common occurence for Kelly. Anyone know what that's about?

I ran today, around Lake Nokomis. I ran for twenty mintues, took a .5 mile walk and then ran the last .5 miles at a quicker pace than I typically run. I was totally encouraged that I could run for a while (like 5 minutes) at this new faster pace, but when I walked around the lake again, after running I noticed some disturbing things about distances and my pace. Basically I am the slowest runner alive. I run like a 12 minute mile and that's being generous. So then I started freaking out about just how long it's going to take to run a 5k. I really don't want to be the last person who finishes the race. Although, looking at last year's results a 12 minute mile isn't unheard of.

Anyways, I was totally excited about how well I was doing this morning and then I got all discouraged once I realized where I would like to be in running and where I am.


things I learn when talking to the parents

First of all, notice how I typed that title to avoid any snide remarks from either snide remark maker #1 or snide remark maker #2.

Anyways, I was talking with my mother tonight about her coming up in September. Basically it's hard for me to go home and this summer I'll make it 3 times in 8 weeks. It's hard to go home for many many reasons. Here are some of them:
  1. It's hot and the air conditioning can leave something to be desired. Really I just desire for them to turn it on and leave it alone.
  2. I have to take time off of work (both jobs) which means I'm not earning money.
  3. It actually costs me money to go home, driving or flying.
  4. I get bored easily when I'm home. Both my parents still work so when I'm home I'm not the center of attention all of the time and that's a problem.
And yet, I'm still making it home three times. So it aggravates me to no end and hurts my feelings when my Mom says, "I don't know if I can come to see you in September because I don't know what I'll be doing." Bite me. Is it wrong that I feel this way?

But later she said, to further increase my guilt trip, "at some point I'm just going to have to say I can't take these exams [for the PhD] because there's just too many other things that come up." Bite me. It's four days that you know about far in advance. And one of those days I'll be in school in the morning which is a nice chunk of study time.

I remembered something else she's always saying to me about the OCD, which is that she can control her thoughts and thereby not freak out about everything like I have a tendency to do. This conversation is just further proof to me that she's not as good at that as she'd have me believe. I'm sure she's out of her mind anxious about these exams. I know how I get when something big like that is looming over me, lest we all forget what I was like last year when I moved into the condo. There's no amount of controlling my thoughts that will help with the anxiety gnawing at my stomach and making it impossible for me to consume solid foods. I'm sure that's how she feels about her exams. I know how she gets when she has to take tests.

Anyways, my feelings are still hurt that she wont just suck it up and committ to coming to see me. However, I do feel more aware that when she tells me it is possible to control my thoughts (therefore if I'm still anxious and have OCD it's my fault because I'm not trying hard enough), that's not completely true. It's not as true and she would have me believe.


funny spam

I got one of the best spam email subject lines ever today: Inebriation research is the winner. I marked it as spam and didn't open it, but I was tempted.