2017 Loony Challenge - 6 Weeks to Go

Weekly Miles Planned: 32 Miles
Actual: 33+ miles

Long Run Miles Planned: 10 Miles
Actual: 11.4 miles, because that's what the route looked like.

Sunday Planned: 6-10 Miles at MAF, Sunday Kettlebell Workout
Actual:  11.4 miles, about half of them before sunrise.  This was on the Cincinnati hills, and the turn around point determined the mileage. My knee hurts which is sort of freaking me out.  No more plyos.   Also, no more running downhill in the Altra Intuition.  That is not playing to the shoes strengths. No weight lifting because I just couldn't deal with my parents basement again.
Monday Planned: 6-10 Miles at MAF
Actual: 5.5 miles, also on the Cincinnati hills.  This run was completed without a shirt because #IHaveARunnersBody and it was freaking hot.  I'm okay with the mileage because again, this is what the route dictated.

Tuesday Planned: 4-6 Miles at MAF, Lift Weights 
Actual: 6 miles at Elm Creek Park (I really missed this place).  It was a very hilly six miles. 13:39/mile, Avg HR 140. Tuesday weight lifting at the gym.

Wednesday Planned: 1 Mile Run, maybe Zumba?
Actual: 1.2 miles, first thing in the morning.

Thursday Planned: 4-6 Miles at MAF, Lift Weights
Actual: 4.2 miles in the morning, 13:20/mile, Avg HR 140

Friday Planned: 1 Mile Run
Actual: 1.2 miles in the morning.  In the rain.

Saturday Planned: 4-6 Miles at MAF, Maybe Zumba?
Actual: 4.17 miles.  This was not a great run time/speed wise.  On the positive side, I know what my body feels like when I try to make it run a little too fasted.  Ate around 7pm last night, woke up around 11am this morning, and tried to run with only a piece of salted fish.  Oh sigh.


whole30 Thoughts from Round 1

So, I had the idea to go back and copy my 'thoughts' each day of round 1 of Whole30.  These are in each post, but I wanted a good summary of that experience.  This is hilarious to me, but maybe it's one of those things you had to be there for?

Thoughts: There are a lot of food commercials on TV and on the internet.
My biggest fear is getting behind on the dishes.
I have no lunch plans for the week.  I should get on that.
Carbs!  What will I do for carbs.
I keep trying to clean up my kitchen, but cleaning up one thing just moves the mess somewhere else.  (This is a bigger re-organization, because I didn't like the way I was using some of the space.) Maybe by the time this is done my kitchen will be organized too. 
Thoughts: I think my biggest fear is being hungry.  Also, I really need to start planning ahead better. OMG.  All the blogs I read talk about food too.

Thoughts:  Mistakes were made here.  Not 'oh no, I have to start again at day 1' kind of mistakes.  I think I could've cooked more food ahead of time.  Especially potatoes and sweet potatoes. I had a hard time with the post run meal because I didn't have any pre-made carbs.  And I realistically have like one lunch packed for the week.
Also, the Qat Lady is on day 1 today.  And apparently was having a massive low blood sugar.  My Pooky Bear walked in and said "didn't you teach me that your brain runs on carbohydrates".  A sweet potato perked her right up.

Thoughts: My body is confused.  I didn't sleep well last night and my throat is kind of dry.  But my heart rates while running have been normal.  So maybe it's just that I did a long run in the cold? My body is sore from the long run so I skipped speed and weight lifting.  Or perhaps just moved it to tomorrow?
Also, I think I need to be more honest with myself about how regularly I can eat while at work. I had breakfast during my meeting, and then didn't have lunch 'till almost 1pm and I was pretty hungry.  Maybe I need a bigger breakfast.  Maybe a hard boiled egg too?  (Maybe I will wind up doing some cooking.)

I'm significantly less hungry than I'd imagined I'd be.
I'm realizing how many of my activities were around getting a snack or a meal at the end.  Like, I'll run to the gym, work out and then have a latte.  Or I'll work out with so and so and then grab dinner.
It's been amazing to hear other people's reactions to this Whole30 thing, particularly the messages people give themselves.  Like "I could never give that up..." or "I could never live without cheese" etc.
Also, I feel significantly better than yesterday.

Thoughts: Chia seed pudding is really good with Cashew milk.  I had one last serving of almond milk in my fridge, so tomorrow I'm trying Chia seed pudding sans cocoa powder with almond milk.
This was my first night actually not finishing dinner.  Hello stomach!  Thanks for letting me know what "full" feels like.  Hello brain!  Thanks for reminding me I can actually stop!

Thoughts: 1 week down.  I feel like I should celebrate.
Planning is the key to EVERYTHING.
This program seems like it's geared for people who like to cook; people who are willing to cook ahead; and people who don't mind eating leftovers.
I mentioned I realized how much I'd been snacking.  Now I'm realizing how much other people do it to.  One of the people who came over tonight brought her own additional food (which is just a weird thing she's always done) and had a cup of yogurt at 9pm.  There's probably a time I would've snacked that late, but it didn't seem appealing to me at all tonight.

Thoughts: I have been on the couch all day with no socks.  No socks!!  This never happens because my feet are the coldest part of my body.  I'm not clear if this is related to Whole30 or something else.  But, no socks!!
All the commercials on TV are for food with sugar.  Except Folgers commercials, but the sugar in the coffee is implied in those.

Thoughts: I think the grainless breakfast porridge is not so good for the digestion.  When I've had it, I've had, um, emergencies on both runs the day after.  Honestly, I'm having other biological factors right now that could also be impacting my digestion, so I may give it one more try at a different time of the month.
I came out to Mom about Whole30.  She was less judgey than I expected.
Unrelated to Whole30, I'm re-watching Orphan Black.  I am Cosima if you're interested.

Thoughts: I am craving Ice Cream.  I'm sure being on my period is not helping.  Driving by the now open Dairy Queen also didn't do much to ease the situation.
I am eternally thankful for my InstantPot.  Because so many of my meals have been cooked in it for this adventure.
I can't imagine doing whole30 if you didn't look to cook.  Or eat left overs.
What I'm re-learning about myself if I love big lunches and small suppers.
Also, I'm loving the cooking oils/fats I've been using on this diet.  I should've been using ghee a long time ago. 

Thoughts: It's amazing how much I'd built 'snacking' into my  day.  Like, "I'll do this workout and then have a latte" or, "oh a visit cancelled, I should run by Caribou".  I'm realizing that now that I can't do it.  I'm wondering how I'll keep up the "can't do it" after this 30 days.

Thoughts: Coffee with coconut milk is totally legit.
I have several friends on 'diets' right now.  Qat Lady and another person are doing Whole30.  Another friend is doing a cleanse.  And Olive is a Whole30 survivor who I think has kept up most of the habits well.
I joined the "Whole 30 - this is my first time" group (unrelated, the cursor stopped showing up on Blogger for no reason, I am very confused).  The comments section on this group is EVERYTHING.  I mean, don't read it and take anything anyone says seriously.  But the discussions are hilarious.  Where is my cursor?!?!

Thoughts: So, I tried a heavier than normal deadlift at the gym, and I did it fine without hurting myself, but I got that lightheaded/sick feeling after.  Maybe I should learn to breathe better?
I'm at the point where I've said no thank you to a dinner invitation because it was at a restaurant and I knew there's no way a Mexican restaurant has any Whole30 compliant food I want to eat.
The thing that strikes me most is how many of these 13 nights I've gone to bed with the dishes legit done.  Who am I? 

Thoughts: I left the Whole30 Facebook group.  All of it is people telling you you're doing Whole30 wrong.
I found the part in the book that describes the 'stages of whole30' and that is actually pretty hilarious.
I'm trying to study ahead for 're-entry'.
And yes, I miss ice cream hard.  That's not something I crave at any other time, so I don't know why I want it so bad right now.

Thoughts: Meals are always effed up on Saturdays from me sleeping in so late. Breakfast was almost at noon and lunch was at 3:30pm.  I am full.

Thoughts: I never wanted a diet pepsi this whole time, until last night Olive asked me how I was doing without it.  And now I'm having dreams of diet pop.  Sigh.


Thoughts: I hate eggs.  I hate meat.  I want something different.
I want salt. I really just want bacon. Is that odd?
I am digging on the smoked fish though.  That was a good choice.

Thoughts: I want my bacon back. I miss it hard.  I finally told Qat Lady to pick me up a pound of bacon at the farmer's market when she goes.  Because that's where I am with life.
Also considering how to keep this all up after the first 30 days. That's a whole different mystery.
I've done the 'no alcohol at home' thing before, and for sure I'd like to keep that up 'till I go to the beach, maybe longer.
Is there some food I can put back into my diet (lentils and keffir which I also miss hard) and keep up the 'healthy' thing.
What will I do when I go out to restaurants.  I am so confused.

Thoughts: Mango avocado salad is now my favorite thing ever.  Yeah Mango season.
I am so bored with lunch, and I am making something else tomorrow.
I want my bacon back.
I can't believe I have 10 more days of this.  What have I done?
Except I want it to keep going too?  I am so confused.

Thoughts: The lunch roll ups were awesome, but I needed one or two more becuase I was hungry this afternoon.
I loved having someone else cook me dinner.
More than a week to go, but not much more than a week!
Lentils!  I miss lentils.  Because sometime I want to have a meal with no meat.
Olive said "why test it if you won't eat it anyway?" And that's how I feel about soy.  I'll eat soy, but it was never a massive part of my diet.  So, meh.

Thoughts: Make friends with your butchers and other people at the store. It will help.
Coconut Larabars are my new jam.  

Thoughts:Are we there yet?

Thoughts: I organized my freezer so I can see veggies, potatoes and meats.  I need to make more sweet potatoes.  I don't think I have any left.

Thoughts: Coconut Cream Pie Larabars are my jam.
I miss gum. Monday.  Monday I will have my gum.  And my regular bacon.  Not at the same time. 

Thoughts: I want my gum back.  And I get bacon back on Monday.
I've been feeling a bit low lately and thinking maybe I didn't eat enough this week?  Not sure.

Thoughts: While running, I did not poop my pants, but that was a miracle. This makes two runs this week where I've had digestive distress.  I have no idea what my problem was today.  Best guess is it involves the mango I had for dinner last night.
3 more days of no gum.
My dream now is to sit and watch Boston Marathon eating bacon and eggs.  Real bacon, not this paleo bull shit. 

Thoughts: I'm sad I didn't start eating macadamia nuts sooner because they were good.
Actually kind of excited to have Cashew butter again.  (The cashews are fine, but they were cooked in peanut oil, so they were prohibited.)
Still two more days of this nonsense?
I'm surprised that I really kept up with my dishes during this whole thing.
I'm surprised that I didn't eat out once (so far).  And surprised that I have (for now) kicked the Caribou habit.
I'm surprised I had dinner most nights
This taught me to plan ahead for dinners.
I look at some of the stuff in the freezer I'd been taking for lunch and think "that was not enough meat, no wonder I was always so hungry".  Lesson learned: protein.
I have happy hour plans Tuesday and that will be the day I 'break the fast' so to speak.  But Monday I get my bacon back.

Thoughts: I'm no longer a fan of taking pictures of my food and putting them on Facebook.
I can't believe it took me 'till day 29 to try the "cauliflower as rice" fad.  My take - the cauliflower has a lot of moisture in it.  I couldn't figure out how to get it all in the nut milk bag.  
Still making the chia seed pudding. I guess I should hard boil some eggs too, so I can keep this up for a while.
Seriously, I'm so glad I left that facebook group.  That was not helpful.
Just had to look at the drink menu and fine a 'gluten free' alcohol drink that I could try for Happy Hour on Tuesday.  I'm not even going to bother with food there.  Holy cow.

Thoughts: Real bacon tomorrow.  And maybe gum. And bacon!
I'm also thinking about unpacking all the stuff I put up at the beginning of this challenge and seeing what's in there. And then seeing how much of it I really want.
My Pooky Bear went to some extra effort to include Qat Lady and I in her Easter Dinner which was really gool.
In general, it's been touching to have a few different friends try to cook for me while I'm on this wacky plan.


2017 Loony Challenge - 7 Weeks to Go. Step back and go on vacation!

Step Back Week
Weekly Miles Planned: 20-25 miles
Actual:19+ miles run, 3 miles walked

Long Run Miles Planned: 6 Miles
Actual: 5.5 miles on the Cincinnati hills.  This is fine.

Sunday Planned:t 1-6 Miles Run at MAF, Sunday Kettlebell Workout
Actual: 2 Miles on the track.  Sunday Kettlebell workout.  I don't feel as bad today as I normally do on the Sunday or a stepback week, so that's a good sign. Bonus walk on the track with a friend.  (We would've been outside but rain.)

Monday Planned: 1-6 Miles Run at MAF
Actual: 1.2 miles run in the morning before going on vacation.

Tuesday Planned: 1-6 Miles Run at MAF, Lift Weights
Actual: 5.52 miles run in the Cincinnati hills. 13:35/mile. Avg hr 138.
Wednesday Planned: 1 Mile Run, maybe Zumba?
Actual: 1.29 miles in the morning before tennis. Still on the hills.

Thursday Planned: 1-6 Miles Run at MAF, Lift Weights
Actual: 2.01 miles run, plyos. I wanted to go farther but it was already too hot when I woke up so I tries to play it smart.

Friday Planned: 1 Mile Run
Actual: 4.5 miles. 13:28/mile, avg hr 137. A make shift weight workout in my parents basement. It's hot and sticky out.

Saturday Planned: 1-6 Miles at MAF, Maybe Zumba?
Actual: 3.25 miles through my parents neighborhood and the park by their house.  This run was both more awful and more fun than I expected. Awful because those rocks felt like walking on legos in my minimal shoes.  More fun because freaking down hill.


Long Run Sunday - Hills of Cincinnati and Sunrise

Plan: I mean, keep the heart rate somewhat in check.  But really, this is a vacation run so try to enjoy it a little bit.

Route: This is part of the Flying Pig Marathon Course.  I've run sections of this either from Mom and Dad's house, or as part of the Half Marathon, but Madisonville was a mystery to me.  I did Erie to Madison Road, up Woodburn to McMillan, and then onto Victory Parkway until the lookout point which I used as a turn around.  (After the turn around I was going the same direction as the marathon goes.)

Weather: Let's talk about humidity.  Because it was like 99%, the whole freaking time.
Wardrobe: 2xu shorts, bra, my Illuminite tank.  Did I mention half of this was done before it was light out? Altra running shoes (that was a mistake) and my visor. I also had sunglasses which where not much used and a Fitletic belt which is also going to get mixed reviews.

Execution: I had a different program on my Garmin for this run. (Because sometimes, you just need that little something to get you out the door.)  My range was 130bpm-150bpm and my performance was on point.  I walked a bit on the last hill up to Paxton and then by the police station.  I'm okay with that. This was a solid run, and turned out to be a lot of fun.   14:11/mile, avg Hr 138 bpm

Nutrition: Pre run I had half an avocado, salted (it had a big pit).  I had one or two sips of water (and the water bottle is what leads to the mixed reviews on the running belt).  During the run, I tried a date and didn't like it.  I had a few raisins. During the cool down I finished my water and the raisins.
Bonus:  Something I've never seen before happened.  A car came across Erie Ave, behind me. I looked like it was dragging metal cans from a wedding or something.  Sparks were coming up everywhere.  I thought it was odd for 5:30am.  Two seconds later a wheel comes across Erie Ave on the same trajectory as the vehicle.  Yeah, that car wasn't dragging cans.  It was dragging its back axle.  (No people or cars in the intersection and I saw the driver later.  He appeared bummed but healthy.)


2017 Loony Challenge - 8 Weeks to Go

Weekly Miles Planned: 32-34
Actual: 33+ miles run.

Long Run Miles Planned: 10 Miles
Actual: 10 Miles on the track on Wednesday

Sunday Planned: 6-10 Miles at MAF, Sunday Kettlebell Workout
Actual: 5.21 miles. No kettlebells.  Because I am a grump.

Monday Planned: 6-10 Miles at MAF
Actual: 4.16 miles.  Because I am still a grump and I want all of the sleep.  Just so we're clear, I'm not in a good place that my long run for the week isn't done yet.  Not in a good place at all.

Tuesday Planned: 4-6 Miles at MAF, Lift Weights
Actual: 4.5 treadmill miles. Avg HR is 139.  Speed from my garmin is never right on a treadmill.  Sigh.  Tuesday weight lifting.   This was a good workout and I'm getting into a better place about making up the long run. 

Wednesday Planned: 1 Mile Run, maybe Zumba?
Actual: 10 Miles on the track, indoors, and I still feel like I'm running in circles.This is a trade for Sunday's run mileage. I still have not done the weight lifting.

Thursday Planned: 4-6 Miles at MAF, Lift Weights
Actual: 7.3 miles around Lake Cedar.  This is a trade for Monday's run.  Today there was no freaking way I was going to run inside so I headed out and did get caught in a couple downpours but I was basically dry by the time I got back to the gym. 13:51/mile Avg HR 138.  Thursday weight lifting also done.

Friday Planned: 1 Mile Run
Actual: 1.2 miles run in the afternoon.  Bonus evening bike ride to a friends house.

Saturday Planned: 4-6 Miles at MAF, Maybe Zumba?
Actual: 1.2 miles run in the morning.  This makes up for running more than 1 mile on Wednesday. Everything is screwed up this week.


Long Run Wednesday - I want this to be the ONLY time this ever happens

Plan: Originally - long run on Thursday morning before a 9am meeting.
Back up - Oh look, that meeting is at 8am!  Consider running inside for 6 miles and finishing on the elliptical
Actual - Well, it's only 60 laps for 10 miles.  See how many laps you can actually run, and then finish on the elliptical if needed, but try for all 60.
Route: Indoor track, 6 laps is a mile.  I never want to do this again.
Weather: Raining cats and dogs outside.  I very much remembered this run in the rain and kept thinking I should just give it a go.  But alas, today's rain was heavy enough to drive me inside.
Wardrobe: A pair of shorts that I think I should retire because wow! chaffing, short sleeve shirt, and NB Minimus shoes which steal my heart every time I wear them.
Execution: This went significantly better than expected.  I did run all 60 laps on the track. I never could've pulled that off if I'd planned to do it a minute longer than 'I pulled in the parking lot, it was raining to beat the band and it seemed worth a shot'. I kept my heart rate very low and even which is a definite plus of the track.
Nutrition: I did not have water or food.  For 150 minutes.  I guess I'm legit fat adapted.  As an aside, I wasn't hungry at all when I was done, and I had to order bite squad to ensure ate I anything.  I ate about half of what I ordered. 

Bonus: I thought I'd turned off my GPS when I started this run.  No.  I did not.  So my pace data is 10 kinds of screwed up. But I have this very entertaining map of my route.  I'm calling it a draw.
I think in the end, it was about 8.5 miles around 14:00/mile, Avg HR 137.  I'll take running for 2hrs at an HR of 137.


2017 Loony Challenge - 9 Weeks to Go

Weekly Miles Planned: 32 Miles
Actual: 27+ miles run, 4+ 'miles' on the elliptical, a bit of walking

Long Run Miles Planned: 10 Miles
Actual: 10.1 Miles on Sunday

Sunday Planned: 6-10 Miles at MAF, Sunday Kettlebell Workout
Actual: 10.1 miles, slightly hotter and slower than I would've liked.  14:32/mile, 139 avg HR.  Sunday Kettlebell workout also completed.  Then I stopped at Mayday for a latte on the way home.  And I was reminded why I never stop at Mayday.  Restorative Yoga with a friend in the afternoon.  I have a love/hate relationship with this class.

Monday Planned: 6-10 Miles at MAF
Actual: 2.15 miles on the treadmill in the a/c.  Then an hour on the elliptical for 4.85 'miles'.  I woke up late.  Like, I was attacked by the sleeping monster late.  It was already over 80* and there was no way this was happening outside.

Tuesday Planned: 4-6 Miles at MAF, Lift Weights
Actual: 4.16 miles in the morning, Avg pace 13:00/mile, Avg HR 139.  This was a solid run.  Weight lifting and quick plyos in the afternoon.

Wednesday Planned: 1 Mile Run, maybe Zumba?
Actual: 1.21 miles in the morning.  Laaaaazy afternoon at the pool

Thursday Planned: 4-6 Miles at MAF, Lift Weights
Actual: 1.25 miles on the treadmill.  Because it was 55* with 20mph winds and I was all "I'll do the real run tomorrow, thank you very much".  Thursday weight lifting.  Quick plyos.

Friday Planned: 1 Mile Run
Actual: 4.16 miles, 12:49/mile, Avg hr 140 bpm.  I knew this was going to be a good run before I left.  Plyos after the run.

Saturday Planned: 4-6 Miles at MAF, Maybe Zumba?
Actual: 4.3 miles, 13:48/mile, avg hr 141.  This run was a bit later in the morning, and one of the more humid runs I've done this week.  To my surprise I did go to Zumba.  We had a sub named Tyler who is the most smiley instructor I've ever had.  When guys teach Zumba, they never use their hips.   I don't know why.