2017 Loony Challenge - 12 Weeks to Go

Weekly Miles Planned: 30 Miles

Long Run Miles Planned: 8 miles
Actual: 8.4 miles on Sunday

Sunday Planned: 6-10 Miles at MAF, Sunday Kettlebell Workout
Actual: 8.4 miles total.  14:13/mile, Avg HR 138.  Sunday Kettlebells plus a quick plyo for a warm up instead of a finisher.  Restorative Yoga which is 70ish minutes and was recommended by my walking buddy. Already I've done more stretching in July than I've done in all of June with this one class.

Monday Planned: 6-10 Miles at MAF
Actual: 6.1 miles at MAF pace, but I don't know what pace or HR that is, because that's how awesome this run was.  It was 72* and 80% humidity when I started.  15:15/mile, Avg Hr 138.  I told you it was ugly. 

Tuesday Planned: 4-6 Miles at MAF, Lift Weights
Actual: 4.18 miles.  13:15/mile, Avg HR 139.  Plyos before weights.  Tuesday weight routine.

Wednesday Planned: 1 Mile Run, maybe Zumba?
Actual: 5.21 miles in the morning, 13:01/mile, 139 Avg HR.  Ah, the pre-period boost.  Almost makes the crash that's coming worth it.  Almost. Plyos at the end of the run. Attempted to Zumba but my buddy and I both had a case of the grumpies so we abandoned about half way through class.

Thursday Planned: 4-6 Miles at MAF, Lift Weights
Actual: 4.16 miles, 12:34/mile, Avg HR 138. Thursday weight lifting.  I did not do plyos.  The aforementioned crash: totally happening.  Seriously, at 9pm, I can't ever remember feeling good enough to run a 12:34 mile at 138HR.

Friday Planned: 1 Mile Run
Actual: 1.2 miles run in the morning.

Saturday Planned: 4-6 Miles at MAF, Maybe Zumba?
Actual: 1.2 miles run.  No Zumba.  Saturday and Wednesday running are swapped this week.  Since it was over 70* when I started running this morning, I think I made the right choice.

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