Flying Pig 2017 11 Weeks to Go

It's starting to dawn on me that I have to run a freaking half marathon in May.

Planned: Long Run or second longest run (do the opposite on Monday)
Actual:12.6 miles (long run).  17 minutes foam roller afterwards, and then a latte.

Planned: Long run or second longest run (do the opposite from Sunday)
Actual: 7.1 miles in the rain, second longest run. Avg HR of 142.  This was a much better run than yesterday.

Planned: Speed work, Lift weights
Actual: Speed work is 9X 1:00 hard, 1:30 easy, and on a hillier route than I've ever tried before.  1.45 "miles" on the elliptical with my friend.  Weight lifting is TRX Kettlebell which I've found out is coming to an end.  That makes me very sad.

Planned: 1 mile run
Actual: 1.22 miles in the sunshine.  I will really miss this when it snows at the end of the week.

Planned: Tempo run (148-160bpm), Lift weights
Actual: 4.15 miles with my fast friend, 40 mins weight lifting

Planned: 1 mile run
Actual: 1.22 miles.  55 minutes personal training.  (This replaces Saturday weight lifting.)

Planned: Speed work , Lift weights
Actual: Speed work on the treadmill.  9:00 w/u, then 9x 1:00 at 6.9mph, 2:00 at 4.2mph, c/d.  No weight lifting because I did that last night.  Saddest part about this run is that I forgot my watch so I had to go off my phone and the Nike Run Club app. It's just not the same.

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