Winter Running. Brrr.

I am surprised to report that I got myself outside for a run today. It helped that I got a call from a friend, and if I timed my run right, I could also get a hamburger out of the equation.

Thoughts as I was laying on my couch trying to get myself out the door:
Ice - I was originally dreading ice above all.  The iciest patches are actually right by my house.  Some stuff that was icy the other day has improved.  Outcome: Not as bad as I thought.
Weather - Temps were okay.  It was windy though.   Outcome: I did cut the run short because wind.
Gym - I really didn't want to be at the gym.  That's why I went outside and put up with the ice and the wind.  Outcome: Gym avoidance accomplished.

Originally planned as an 8 mile route, along the Parkway and to the River.
Actual: 6 miles along the parkway.  It was really windy, and I decided I didn't need to be out in it for ever.

9* when I started.
12-15mph winds out of the south. The winds were the bigger problem than temperatures.  But I knew they'd be less of a problem on the way home, and even somewhat at my back on the way home.

I didn't look at my watch at all while running.  Because it was buried under several lays of clothing while I was out. I was surprised when I got home that I held a pretty steady pace, and a bit faster than I'd been thinking I was moving.

I paid like $1.99 for this fleece headband.  It's crazy thick and it's the best thing I ever bought for running.

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