Monday Run - Sometimes the hardest part is getting out the door

Plan: Go at least 8 miles, don't look at the watch. Honestly did not think I'd make the full eight miles until after the run started.  Apparently the hardest part of this thing was getting myself going.

Route: This was up in the air literally until after I left the house.  As the run started I decided on the Ford Bridge route.

Weather: A balmy 34* with winds coming from I don't know where.  I wore unlined tights, a shirt and a Loony Challenge Sweatshirt.  I wore my ear band the whole time, and gloves at the beginning and end.

Execution: I definitely did not look at my watch.  I had delusions of grandeur about how fast I was actually moving, which was hilarious when I got home and saw how I actually did.  Probably better that I showed some restraint because it means I'll be able to move tomorrow.

Nutrition: I had yogurt with fruit before the run.  I didn't bring anything with me.

Bonus: I had a massage at the end of the day.  It was very nice.

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