Long Run Sunday: Winter at Lake Harriet

Plan: Go for a run, then go for a burger with my training buddy.  Go at least 8 miles.  Hills would be a bonus.

Route: Down, along the creek to Lake Harriet, and then back home along the bikeway. According to Strava, I have done this route before, but not often and it's been a while.

Weather: It was 15* and 5mph winds when I started, crazy sunny, and warmed up throughout the run. I wore
  • Fleece lined tights
  • Wool Socks+sock liners
  • Long sleeve shirt
  • 1/4 zip
  • My new red sweatshirt
  • Ear warmer band, gloves

Execution:  Once I started running I didn't look at my watch once.  I kept it slow, but apparently not too slow considering the heart rate. I did keep it mildly aggressive on the hills.  Even on 40th up to Park Ave.  I hate that hill.  But all my races this year have mighty hills.  I was proud of myself for getting this done, and even more proud of myself when I realized the actual mileage versus my goal.

Nutrition: I had a bowl of yogurt before I left for the run.  I didn't carry food or water with me.  That was okay,  but this is about the limit of not bringing food and water on a run.  I was crazy thirsty when I got back.

Bonus: Everyone else was out today too.  I saw walkers, runners, bikers, hockey, and broom ball.  I didn't even know we did the outside broom ball.

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