2016 Running

I did some different things in 2016, and some of the same. 

Weight Lifting
2016 I added this right at the end of the year, November and December in particular.  I made it my mission in life to get to the gym regularly to lift.  In December I got some more instructions on lifting with the big bar.
2017 Goal - Continue lifting 3 days/week.  I do TRX/Kettlebell class on Tuesdays, and then lift on my own Thursdays and Saturdays.  The big question is how running will be impacted?  Will I ramp up miles again?  Will I hold back on miles a bit to accommodate more lifting?  Will I do more elliptical on lifting days?  (This has happened once or twice.)

Mileage Increase
2016 Somewhere in 2016 I got the wild idea to increase my "on" weeks to 40 miles per week, but kept my "off" weeks around 25 miles per week.  I wound up running/walking/elliptical the most miles in any year I've tracked.
2017 Goal - Continue running 40 miles per week "on" and 25 miles per week "off".  If that stinks, drop down to 35 miles per week "on".  I liked the 40 miles per week, but that was before weight training.  We'll see if I keep that mileage up.

Running Streak
2016 Staying strong
2017 Goal - Keep up the running streak

Speed Training
2016 - I added 'speed training' working up to the 10 miler.  It gave me confidence that I could run faster, but I think it wound up draining me a bit before the end of training.
2017 - Add tempo runs around goal race pace?  Maybe? I haven't really decided.

Race Series
2016 - Summit Challenge
2017 Goal - Flying Pig 3 Way and TC Loony Challenge. 

Hill Training
2016 - Every Monday was 'hill training'.  All my 2016 races had big hills, especially the 10 mile and this gave me lots of confidence.
2017 - Keep hill training in some way. 

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