Winter is coming

Minnesota has been enjoying a weak La Nina year (or so I'm told), and it's been crazy warm.  We've had a couple of snows that have basically melted and our lakes are not yet frozen.  I'm told, though, winter is coming.

Sunday - I woke up to 2 to 3 inches of snow.  I had delusions of grandeur thinking that the Greenway would be plowed.  Sigh.  I ran six miles anyways.  In the snow.  My shoes were so wet by the time I was done. This was out to be a good run because I didn't look at my watch or my heart rate ever.  I kept the HR relatively low until the last mile or two, and then it was fun to kick things up a bit.

Monday - Most of the snow has melted, though there are big patches here and there.  Winds were coming up from the south, around 10mph.  I ran outside anyways though, because the words artic blast are being tossed around in the forecast for the rest of the week.  I also didn't look at my watch on this run.  I was feeling ish and my heart rate was all over the place.  Not looking at my watch was a good thing, because my heart rate turned out okay for the most part.

December Running - I had a great slump in October and November.  It involved a lot of hamburgers and beer.  And it was glorious.  I am coming back to actual running this month.  And I'm adding the challenge of figuring out how to increase mileage with 3 weight lifting sessions per week.  This week, goal is 26 miles and I think I'll get there.  I'm seeing the importance of high mileage days when I'm not lifting weights.

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