Training Update: Weight Lifting

For the rest of the year, training plan looks like this.

  • Try to lift weights 3/week.  This is an exploratory phase.  Nothing right or wrong can happen here.  Just put in the work.
  • Drink all the beer you want.  Eat all the hamburgers ever while drinking all that beer.  It's still the off season.  This can go on until the weigh ins for Maintain Not Gain. 
  • Run at least a mile per day.  Mileage per week does not matter.  Hills, long runs, etc do not matter.  Running has to be fun.

  • Sign up for Maintain Not Gain which is a late fall tradition at my gym.  Maybe pull back on the beer and hamburgers a bit. 
  • Run at least a mile per day.
  • Thanksgiving - do my own personal "Turkey Trot" and use it as a jumping off point to get back into running a bit more. 
  • Lift weights 3/week.  Hopefully this continues.

  • Don't screw up Maintain Not Gain
  • Run at least a mile per day
  • Lift weights 3/week
  • Problem solve how to lift weights at home when I'm there for Christmas, and then complete said action plan.

  • Early in the year, seriously improve my 5K times.  I haven't decided if I'm going to hire a personal trainer for this or not. 
  • Lift weights with the goal of getting stronger and losing weight (or at least losing inches and clothing sizes)

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