Sunday Long Run - Lakes at Sunrise

Plan: I do not have 14 in me today, 12 is okay.  Try to keep same low heart rate thing that happened last week.

Route:  This combination of things is a new route for me, though I've run all the places on the route.  I headed down, along the creek, and then around Lakes Harriet and Calhoun, bake along the Greenway and then home.

Weather: I was told "cloudy" but no such thing happened.  It was in the 60s to low 70s and humid.  But not altogether unpleasant.  The sun was absolutely beating down on me on the Greenway, but it was a gorgeous run.

Execution: I feel like this "running in zone 2" thing has finally clicked in.  With last week and this week, I was able to just lock in to a low heart rate and a slow but regular pace, and just go forever.  Some odd things happened late in the run, a walk break for water and food, and then, um, another stop for other reasons.  Otherwise, I had it pretty much dialed in and I was really pleased with this run.

Nutrition: I did not eat a ton on this run.  I had half a pack of chews left when I got home.  I carried two bottles of water, and finished one.  This is a good thing for me to remember on race day when they have water stops ever mile at the end.

Bonus: Did I mention it was a freaking gorgeous day?

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