Thursday 2nd Long Run

Thursdays will now be known as "hot Thursdays" because all my runs seem to be in the afternoon when it's really hot.  This one was the hottest but wound up being an okay run.  This one wasn't supposed to be hot and wound up being not so fun

Plan: I had no plan.
Distance? I was going to go to the gym and run outside for at least a mile.  After that, I could see how I was feeling at any point on the run and finish any miles I needed to on the elliptical.
Heart rate?  Whatever feels good I guess.  Keeping it low in the beginning is always a good idea, but have fun.
Route?  Didn't even have that planned because I didn't know what I'd want to do outside.

Route: Ultimately, I went along the Cedar Lake Trail and around the lake itself, then headed back through Loring Park and the greenway to the gym.

Weather: Today was around 75*, sometimes sunny and sometimes humid.  I was okay the whole time, but I was really thirsty when I was done.

Execution: I started trying to keep my heart rate low, but got a bit messed up in Loring Park with all of the people setting up for Pride. Mostly, I stayed low heart rate until I was about done with Lake Cedar.  Then I decided I could do whatever I wanted and I sped up considerably.

Bonus: After I foam rolled, I caught the end of my friends spin class.  The pedal pub was parked outside the window of the spin class which was pretty funny. 

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