Long Run Thursday: Hot as he!!

Plan: Wake up at 5am, run 14 miles.  Don't be late to work.
I did in fact wake up at 5am.  To a thunder storm.  I had no backup indoor workout planned.  This is what doom looks like.

Plan B: Run after work.  14 miles would be good but whatever.  It will be over 80* so be careful out there.
Updated plan B: It's really hot.  Intervals will be a good idea. 
Update to the update: This is nuts.

Route: I used my outdoor adventure route at Elm Creek.  This is all paved bike trail.

Weather: Hotter than fire.  It was around 84* and about 80% humidity (or it felt like it was that humid)  Winds were out of the south, and they were a pleasure.

Miles 0-4: I did a warm up and then ran over a mile (gotta get that in first) and then I went into 5:00 run, 2:00 walk intervals.  I was surprised that my heart rate stayed as low as it did in the beginning.
Miles 4-8 (the circle at the bottom): I was starting to walk up more of the hills, and starting to get a bit impatient with the pace.  My heart rate was creeping into the higher 140s but still very manageable
Miles 9-12: I stopped looking at heart rate.  I just wanted to be done.  I did go much faster for the intervals at the end.  My heart rate shot up like a champ and I was spent by the end.

Nutrition:  I carried 2 bottles of water, 8oz each and took at least 1 small sip every mile.  I had a couple of gummy chews but my stomach was seriously not into the food.

Bonus: Today was all about temperature management.  Bad decision today was to run outside.  Good decisions following the bad decision were to run intervals, run slower than typical most of the run, drink water regularly and watch my heart rate most of the time.  This run was hard, but not nearly as awful as I'd thought it would be before I started.

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