Thursday Second Long Run - Ugh

Plan:  Be in Buffalo at the end of the work day.  Park at the park, change there, and have a run. Keep the heart rate low.  It's okay to walk up that hill at the end.

Route: This is an out and back, starting at the northern end. By the lake, and then south along the  County 12 bike trail.  Around the lake itself there is a sidewalk.  South of the lake is a crushed limestone trail that I've been on before

Weather: This is where the wheels fell off the wagon.  All day it'd been 65* and cloudy.  The moment I go in to change my clothes, the clouds instantly burn off and it is 80* and sunny.  It was a hot run and I'm sporting something of a sunburn for it.

Execution: This run was all over the place.  My heart rate was high from the beginning.  In the middle of the run I walked a bit for a couple different reasons, and then I used the 5:00 run, 2:00 walk interval to get me home.  I definitely did walk up that massive hill at the end.

Nutrition: Did I mention I forgot to bring my gummy chews?  Yup.  I am a genius. I did have water though.

Bonus: There was a fair going on in town so after the run, I got a massive diet coke with a very cheap refill and drank it all.

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