Monday: Adventure Day

Massive snow storms were predicted today.  I decided that I needed to keep a positive attitude about the snow.  I will be driving in it for some time to come.  So I named Monday as an adventure day, although without the driving.

Bus: I walked up a couple blocks to a bus stop.  Two different routes come to that stop.  So  I decided that whichever route came first was the one I'd take.  One route would take me to the Uptown Gym and one to Downtown.  Either way I could run.
Result: In a surprise twist, a neighbor was driving to work and spotted me and offered to give me a ride to the close gym, Midtown, which is hilariously inconvenient for busing because of routes and transfers.

Workout: I ran 4 miles on the track at the gym.  Because it's snowing *sleeting* outside.  I did a warmup, then 1 lap at 148-150 heart rate, 1 lap at 141-144 heart rate, etc and then a couple cool down laps.  I really had the urge to move and this worked out nicely.

Bus 2: I took the 21 all the way to the end of the line in Uptown, hopped off, grabbed coffee and made my way to the apple store.

Apple Store! I bought myself my very first iPad today.  I'd been wanting one since the beginning of time, but more so recently.  There's a few things that I do that work well on a touch screen but the iPhone is just a bit too tiny for them.  I'm now hunting down photo editing apps, so name your favorites.

Bus 3: I took one last bus home, and by then I was ready to call it a day.  It didn't really feel like an adventure until this guy was driving like he was running behind and there was no snow nor ice on the ground.  I could've lived without that part of it.

Home: I spent the afternoon getting to know my iPad.  We are still dating.  I also grabbed clothes for tomorrow, and for the gym, and made myself lunch.

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