Aparently it's *that time* of the year

Not that time of the month.  Calm down.

It's the time of the year when I run more as a habit, and so I don't lose myself, than for any other reason.  As such, I rarely feel motivated to write about it.  This week's running didn't even lend itself to photography really.  Sunday and Tuesday I did my normal Lake Hiawatha route, Monday was the Greenway, Wednesday was just a mile around my house and today was inside on the track. 

What else am I doing?  Zumba.
I declared October to be the month of Zumba, since I missed so much of it in September.  I've gone on Thursdays and Saturdays and even gone to a few Wednesday classes as a special bonus.

In the meantime, I had a photo-repost on Instagram, which felt kind of cool.
A photo posted by Midtown Greenway Coalition (@midtowngreenway) on

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