All of the Running

Friday: I ran a quick mile.  The streak is over day 700 at this point.  Mind boggling.  Really I was recovering from the big run the day before and didn't want to do much.

Saturday:  Run 7-ish miles.  20-minute Pilates video.  I miss Pilates. I ran 7-ish miles around Lake Nokomis, crazy slow with a crazy stead heart rate.  I'm focusing on the heart rate being nice and stead for the entire time.  Because I didn't predict that.   And then this Pilates video.  And then I helped a friend install a bathtub.  Which was 100 times harder than it sounds.

Sunday: I shocked myself by getting out of bed at 7:15am instead of going back to sleep.  I ran 4 miles and I really felt like moving.  I kept my heart rate around 148-150 most of the time and didn't even take pictures.

Monday:  Run.  Finisher.  Spin. Run.  I repeated my 'run into downtown and take a spin class at the gym' routine.  I hate this run.  It's all uphill until like the last five minutes.  I'm trying to embrace it though, because that's how I'll be describing the 10-miler in a couple weeks.  I did a finisher of lunges and standing leg raises and then went to the gym. Spin was a blast.  It was a big class tonight.  I ran about six blocks back to catch my bus.  It hurt.

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