Six miles on the creek - in which I fall down

It's been a while since I've fallen down.  I had a nasty spat of it last year in the spring and then seemed to be free for a while.  Today I fell twice. In the first 1.5 miles.  It was not my favorite run ever.

Fall #1 occurred on Cedar Ave, where I didn't even realize it was possible to trip.  It was nasty.  I went down on my hands and knees before I could get myself into a safer falling position.  Luckily I didn't realize I'd scraped my leg up for 3 or 4 more miles.  Fall #2 occurred on 43rd street.  It was much more spectacular because I rolled completely head over heels.  My preferred method of falling.  While visually awesome, it was much less significant. I just popped up, got my heart rate under control and kept running.  See why I like to fall that way?

I have no idea if I have any lasting injuries.  My legs feel fine, other than the scrape on my knee.  Sometimes my wrist or shoulder feels weird but for now I'm deciding to ignore it. 

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