Monday Miles - all over the place

This workout was in several stages.  The 90* heat with a heat index around 107* really took it out of me though.

Walking: A walk from the bus to the gym, 0.8 miles, was my warm up.  And 'walking' (I was going fast) back to the bus stop was my cool down, 0.5 miles.

Running: I did get a 'run' in; 1.25 miles on the dreadmill at the downtown gym.  Normally I would've found one of the greenways to go for a run, but it was way too hot and way too humid.

Elliptical: I did the bulk of my workout on the elliptical because I can monitor my heart rate easiest on this machine.  I tried to keep my heart rate below 150, or pegged at 150, and wound up going 3.6 miles in 40 minutes.  That's faster than I could've run it.  I think the heart rate monitors are a bit wonky on that machine, but I'll take it.

Spin: The whole point of going to the downtown gym at all was to take Spin class.  This workout was hard.  It started with some sprints, then went into a 6:00 increasing climb, then more sprints then a 'hard muddy climb' then we repeated that a few times.  Blergh.  (And remember, then I had to 'walk' back to the bus.)

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