6 Miles on the Greenway

I went on my second (or third?) date with my new running shoes today. I had just over 6 miles on the Greenway and then some Zumba to keep me entertained.

The run: In the middle of the run, I met a friend that I trained with as part of Team:Work at the old job.  Random considering she doesn't even live in Minneapolis.  We ran together for a mile.  During said time my heart rate jumped from 150 to 170.  Awesome.  Anaerobic training.  I didn't feel wildly uncomfortable, other than I knew I was going faster than I normally run.  My heart rate was utterly not helped by the 95% humidity I experienced during the run.  After I left my friend, I did a run/walk situation that kept my heart rate in a much more reasonable range.

Supper: Since starting my new job, I've been reminded of the difference between dinner and supper.  For supper, three of us tried Hola Arepa's brick and mortar restaurant.  It was the loudest place I've ever been.  The food was good, but the place was so loud we just couldn't enjoy each other, or the food really.  It was so loud that we couldn't talk to each other.  But I entertained myself by downloading a decibel meter for my iPhone to measure the chaos.  Per the app, the restaurant is as loud as a typical food blender. 

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