6 Miles of 'that was so much better'

Good news!  Today's run was 100 times better than yesterday's fiasco.  I am so happy!  I helped that it was in the low 60s (perhaps even the 50s?) when I went out to run.  It seems that it's impossible to elevate my heart rate in cooler temperatures.  Take that mother nature! 

Run: My goal for today was to go have fun and erase the bad juju from yesterday.  I did just over 6 miles, mostly along Minnehaha Creek and Lake Hiawatha and mostly flat.  I kept my heart rate in the 140s the entire time.  Apparently the temperature really makes a difference in this heart rate training business.  Today I was able to keep miles 2, 3, and 4 under 13:00 miles.  Yes!  That's a huge improvement over when I started this whole 'Liz keeps an even heart rate' thing.  Back then it was a miracle if even 1 mile went under 13:00.  To celebrate my accomplishment, my Egret friend paid me as a visit as did a sweet blue heron.

Spin: I had a bonus workout at the end of the day.  A friend teaches spin class on Mondays so I took the bus downtown to take her class.  I'd thought about biking to spin class but was glad I didn't when I got on the bus and moments later it started raining so hard the drops were going sideways.  Where did that come from?  I still have to ask at almost every change "what gear and what RPM?" but my friend has a good sense of humor about the whole thing.  Downtown was an interesting place to be with the All Star game tomorrow and all the rain.  I took a different bus back home which was much less of an experience that it had the potential to be.

Other Productivity: I found a car wash today.  One of my goals with being a new car owner is to keep the car clean, something at which I did not excel with the previous automobile.  The biggest obstacle to cleanliness was getting the inside vacuumed/dusted/washed and I'll never do it myself.  Spending some time on Yelp (which has reviews for everything!) led me to Dan's Car Wash.  When I pulled in, a Minneapolis Police Officer was just sending his squad car in for a wash and clean, which I considered a high recommendation. 

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