Weekend Workouts: All Kinds of Weather

Workout: 1 mile and change run, notice that stuff is starting to melt.  Then at 3.8 mile walk with Nathan.
Weather: Almost 60*.  Lovely.
Anything special: Did I mention walking with Nathan?  And 60*

Workout: 1 mile run.  God bless step back weeks.
Weather: Getting colder, not quite miserable yet.
Anything special: It was my day off?

Workout: 3 mile run on the track, couple laps cool down. 10 minutes stretching.
Weather: Predicted to be miserable.  Actually slightly less than miserable with very strong winds.
Anything special: No

Workout: 3 mile run on the track followed by an hour of yoga.  I was a pancake after yoga and I mean that in the best way possible.
Weather: Sunny but too cold to try running outside before work.
Anything special: Yoga was intense.  

Workout: 1+ mile run on the track followed by almost 1 mile walk on the track.  I got a new heart rate monitor and wanted to try it out.  I also learned why we can't use GPS apps indoors.
Weather: It rained all day and then started to snow.
Anything special: Learning to use a heart rate monitor.  If only it would work with an app that works indoors....

Workout: 1+ miles running outside, in circles on the one city block that did get cleared after the snow storm.
Weather: 10" of wet, very heavy snow.  It snowed, and by afternoon it was in heavy melting phase.  I worked from home that day.
Anything special: Did you see all that snow?  Exactly no one can believe the water board got the sidewalks cleared before the Park Board had its sidewalks cleared. 

Workout: 7.5 miles running outside with the heart rate monitor.  This is going to be an interesting toy.  I was trying to keep my heart rate in check, and then during mile 3 trying not to poop my pants which explains the one rather slow mile.
Weather: It was around 40*, super sunny and quite windy.  Winds are from the south today, must be pushing all that warm air up here.  We'll take it.
Anything special: Almost pooped my pants.  Also, entertainment with the heart rate monitor. 

Totals for the week: Running: 18.4 miles It's okay; it's a step back week.
Walking: 5.4 miles
Elliptical: 0 (it's cool; I still made my workout goals)
Stretching: 70 mins including Yoga
Weight Lifting: 60 mins

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