Comcast VS T-Mobile

I spend a fair amount of my life on the phone with various businesses.  Most of the time it's work related (and not blog appropriate) but from time to time I interact with these stupid phone-computer systems in my real life.  There's some that are actually pretty good and some that kind of blow.

This week I had two jobs to do.  First, I needed to instal a new cable modem so I could stop paying for the rental. Because I'm cheap.  Second, I got a text from T-Mo that I was about to go over my minutes (which will keep happening with the new job), so I needed to call them and get my plan changed.

Comcast: I had to call three separate times (which is another post entirely), and each time, I was forced to listen to advertisements and outgoing messages forever.  Do I want to watch WWE?  No.  Would I love to check out your website for online support?  Sure, if my internet worked.  In all three cases, it was over three minutes, closer to four minutes, before I could even key in the "press 1 for this" options to get put in a queue to talk to someone.  I had to key in the last 4 of my social while on hold, then verify all the details of my account to the live person too.  Even though I'm calling from the phone number associated with the account. All the reps were basically nice.  The fourth rep was my favorite and seemed super nice.

T-Mobile: I called once, and the tele-prompt says "you can say anything, what are you calling about?" and I was all "I want to talk to a representative" and she was all "Okay, let me get you to a representative".   I can't remember if I had to verify my account five times for her or not.  The rep was perhaps the sweetest person on the planet.

Prize goes to: T-Mobile for making it easy for me to get to an actual representative and not bombarding me with advertisements before putting me in the hold queue.

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